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Google Is Facing Its Second Massive Antitrust Fine

EU antitrust regulators are weighing another record fine against Google over its Android mobile operating system and have set up a panel of experts to give a second opinion on the case, two people familiar with the matter said. (more…)

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EU to Conclude Google Antitrust Cases in the ‘Next Few Months’

EU antitrust regulators will rule in the "next few months" whether Alphabet's Google abused its dominance of internet searches and other areas, a senior European Commission official said on Monday, an outcome that could lead to a hefty fine. (more…)

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Google Assistant is Available for Download on the iPhone

Sorry, Siri, but it looks like your days may be numbered. Apple’s virtual personal assistant software started a revolution and every one of Apple’s rivals now offers a voice-controlled AI product of some sort. Interestingly, we’ve seen something of a role reversal in this important space. Apple typically waits until

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