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CNN Publishes Feature on Russell Moore: The Survival of a Southern Baptist Who Dared to Oppose Trump

Russell Moore was the most prominent anti-Trump voice in his denomination. It almost cost him his job. (more…)

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Oklahoma State University Diversity Coordinator Lawrence Ware Writes Op-Ed In ‘New York Times’ on Why He Is Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention

The first time I was called a nigger to my face was by a fellow camper at a Southern Baptist Convention retreat near Oklahoma City. I was 13, and it was 1995. Devastated, I complained to a counselor who suggested I pray for the ability to turn the other cheek.

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What Is the ‘Alt-Right’ Movement Condemned By the SBC? Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Leaders Provide Answers

The alt-right social and political movement is in the spotlight after the Southern Baptist Convention condemned alternative-right white supremacy at its 2017 annual meeting in Phoenix. (more…)

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