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Self-Sufficient Christians Preparing for Second Coming of Christ or Life After Global Disaster

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ken-uptegrove.jpgFor years, Ken Uptegrove thought that another Great Depression was at hand. Uptegrove, a computer professional in Springdale, Ark., started a garden and researched ways to live more simply. He studied the lives of early Christians, and he launched a ministry and a Web site, which he and his wife use to share their beliefs with about 100 visitors a day.


Ideally, one day they'll move with other self-sufficient Christians -- the Uptegroves do not call themselves survivalists -- to a remote area where they can raise their own food and be ready should things get any worse.

Inherent in this way of life is the Christian ideal of neighborliness, Uptegrove said. Surviving is not about saving yourself alone, but about coming through disaster with enough strength to help your neighbors, too.

"We are not militia. We are not an armed camp. We simply describe ourselves as first-century Christians," said Uptegrove, 74. "It is always just simply living the Christian community lifestyle and being ready for [Jesus's] return as if it will happen tomorrow, but at the same time being ready to live our life and being ready for a full life."

In the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, war, Hurricane Katrina, the worst recession in a generation and countless other woes, some Christians see signs of the end times and Jesus's Second Coming.

Government leaders warn of rising unemployment and worldwide pandemics. Movies such as "2012" stoke fears of global disaster, and TV shows such as "Man vs. Wild" make survivalism almost hip.

Sustainability and self-sufficiency appear downright mainstream, exemplified by first lady Michelle Obama's White House vegetable garden. The Mormon practice of stockpiling food no longer seems quaint but like something that might be worth looking into.

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Source: Amy Green, Washington Post
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