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Homosexual Groups to Protest Focus on the Family's Upcoming "Love Won Out" Conference

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fotf-logo2.jpgSeveral gay rights organizations have announced they plan to protest a Focus on the Family "Love Won Out" conference on homosexuality that will be held Saturday (Nov. 7), at Birmingham, AL's Metropolitan Church of God.


"They're telling you to hate your child unless he lives the way you tell him to live," said Johnathan Quinn, president of Central Alabama Pride, one of the protesting organizations. "Their literature tells the parents to abandon their children unless they go this route: forcing them to be straight."

Quinn said a peaceful protest is planned on public right of way near the entrance of the church. Equality Alabama, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Birmingham, and Covenant Community Church are among those taking part in the protest.

The conference teaches that those with same-sex attractions can change, said Melissa Fryrear, director of gender issues for Focus on the Family and one of the speakers.

"We're offering a Christian perspective on the many issues surrounding homosexuality," Fryrear said. "The majority attending are moms and dads who have a son or daughter living in homosexuality. We're here to help parents who don't condone their child's behavior but still love them."

Other speakers include Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, and Nancy Heche, mother of actress Anne Heche.

Nancy Heche talks about her daughter's highly publicized relationship with comedian and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres. Nancy also talks about her husband's secret homosexual life. "For years in her marriage she didn't know that her husband was involved with men outside the marriage, and he died of complications from AIDS," Fryrear said.

Focus on the Family spokeswoman Monica Schleicher said the conferences often attract controversy.

"We've had a lot of protesters," she said. "We do have security. It's an event in a church. We want that to be peaceful and respectful."

Fryrear said Focus on the Family does not want parents to shun homosexual children.

"One of our messages is helping parents stay in a relationship with their gay-identified child," Fryrear said. "Moms and dads shouldn't have to relinquish their religious convictions."

Source: Greg Garrison, Religion News Service, AP

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Sadly, these events never have anything to say about love... it's all hate under a Christian banner.

MIND Over glands

The defenders of homosexuality continue the oxymoron
contradiction of attempting to use the mind to justify the
rule of carnal glands.

Thinking Americans still don't give 'a tinkers-sham' what
homosexuals do with their body-parts. An individual or
a society which is by law and tradition committed to the
natural human hierarchy of mind over body will not, how-
ever, ever sanction glandular rule over the human mind.

Undisciplined human desire can induce distorted perception.
The disturbed personality or inverted character can be
considered to be cognitively confused. This description is
confirmed by the work of English psychoanalyst Money-
Kyrle, who indicates that it is more accurate to recognize
such a condition as the result of distorted perception.

Neurosis, psychosis, stunting of growth, etc., are all, from
this perspective, cognitive diseases contaminating not only
perception but thinking, learning, remembering, valuing, and
decision- and choice-making.

Money-Kyrle affirms that scientific truth is not attained by a
trendy self-serving fashion, confession of inadequacy,
abdication, or collective majority-vote. There is no excuse for
professional ignorance willfully maintained.

By definition, a standard that is flexible is not a standard at all.
The human mind requires a standard of comparison that is
invariable. A criterion must be greater than the value measured
in order to supply value-meaning in a predictable direction of
survival and progression. The mind thus equipped is enabled
to maintain a natural dominion over the body and its appetites.
The very survival of the body itself, therefore, depends upon this
maintained intellectual authority. Romans 8:6

Our posterity cannot respect what it does not perceive, and it
cannot perceive that which has been abandoned or inverted to
an appetite of physical expediency by the equivocal person.

With confidence in the laws of human nature, we can know that
in the clash between carnality and intellect, the 'man of the mind'
will always prevail.

That is nature and GOD's way and intent all along.

"No one is smarter than their criteria." selah jfb

Jim Baxter
Teacher - 30 years
pointman/follower of The Lion of Judah
Santa Maria, CA

semper fidelis
WWII & Korean War

+ + +

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