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Hundreds Pay Respects to Rev. Timothy Wright: Photos from the Homegoing

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twf-photo5.jpgThe selection of music that played at a modest volume during a wake on Saturday at a church in Brooklyn seemed appropriate. The minister being mourned was the artist responsible for creating it.



Rev. Al Sharpton speaks at the funeral



Friends, family, congregants and colleagues of the Rev. Timothy D. Wright gathered at his Brooklyn church to pay their respects.

Congregants filled Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of God in Christ in Crown Heights.

Congregants and a handful of gospel luminaries filled Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of God in Christ in Crown Heights to offer their farewells to the minister, the Rev. Timothy D. Wright, 61, the church's founder and a Grammy-nominated singer and composer.

Mr. Wright died April 24, nearly 10 months after sustaining a spinal injury in a car accident in July that killed his wife, Betty Wright, 58, and his grandson D. J. Wright, 14. Mr. Wright, who was known as the "Godfather of Gospel," was described by everyone at the church -- from his book editor to his concert promoter to his childhood baby sitter -- as a humble man who never abandoned his Brooklyn roots and always had time for aspiring musicians.

"It's a great loss," said the Rev. Andrea Vereen, of St. Mark's Holy Church in Brooklyn, who grew up with Mr. Wright. Her former husband, the actor Ben Vereen, was also at the service.

"He never said, 'No, I can't,' " Mr. Vereen said of Mr. Wright. "He had the determination that he'd walk again, that he'd preach again. But the body has its own clock, and he couldn't carry on."

The gospel singer Byron Cage was a teenager when he met Mr. Wright and recorded with him in 1990. "He was a great man in gospel music," said Mr. Cage, who lives in Atlanta. "His music was inspiring, but also energetic. There was never a dull moment with Tim."

With Mr. Wright's music playing, mourners filed past his body, propped up in a cushioned coffin. He was dressed in a black suit and shiny black loafers.

Barbara Heyward, 67, said she used to baby-sit for Mr. Wright when she was a teenager. "When he was 10, he used to break into St. John's Church to learn how to play the organ," Ms. Heyward said. "He's known as a singer, but he's the greatest organist you'd ever see. Well, the pastor found out and said, 'Here, take a key.' "

Michael Thompson, 51, edited Mr. Wright's book, "Who's Really on the Lord's Side," which was published shortly before the accident. "He was a humble man. He always had time to help younger musicians," he said, "and he had an eye and an ear for talent."

The service started off in a somber manner -- a stark contrast to one of Mr. Wright's foot-stomping and hand-clapping gospel numbers -- but as the afternoon wore on, congregants joined in a rousing rendition of his song "We're Gonna Make It."

Timothy D. Wright Jr., who is one of Mr. Wright's five sons and is known as Donny, said his family was prepared for his father's death, given his serious injuries. But, he added, "He's in a better place now. He's with my mother and his first grandson."

Donny Wright and his brothers formed their father's band -- "We were the gospel Jackson 5," he said. After his father's funeral on Monday, Mr. Wright said, the family would focus on maintaining the church his father founded 19 years ago. "We have to keep the ministry alive," he said.

But the ministry will endure, Mr. Wright said.

"You can go into every church on any given Sunday and hear one of his songs being sung by a church choir," he said. "That's bigger than radio or records. That's his ministry being spread without him even being around."

Source: New York Times
Photos Source: New York Times, Newsday

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Rev. Timothy Wright is in a better place now. He is with his wife and grandson. But most of all he is with
(Few words but an awesome song) Rev. Wright will be missed.

What a wonderful talent and even greater personality. Elder Wright was indeed one of those rare musicians who had talent but remained ever so humble with it. He took the time to speak to you and he made you feel as though you really mattered when you were in his presence.

An old Russian proverb asks the question "how long will a person live and the response comes back "for as long as he/she will be remembered." Elder Wright will live in the hearts and minds of people through the ages. Unlike so many of our new contemporay artists his music like that of the late Thomas Dorsey is timeless and will endure through the forthcoming ages. His music and lyrics had life and real meaning to them. He wrote songs that touched the soul of men and he will be sorely missed.

Timothy, thank you so much for all of the great music and for all of the cherished memories that yet linger in our hearts and minds.

You were indeed blessed to be a blessing.

To the Family and friends and most of all to the Church Family. Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal. God makes no mistakes. He knows what is best. Always cherish the memories of a man, who was first of all a man of God, who loved God and ministered to everyone in preaching the gospel message of salvation.Singing songs of praise and worship that rocked the nation. He will truly be missed, but his legacy will live on. He has join his beautiful wife and grandson in that heavenly place in Christ Jesus.

Praying for you all, be of good cheer.
Shawn colbert

The music lives on while the person is gone. Bro. Timothy Wrights music sure enough inspired me and it had a church setting to it. Hope and pray that those that are still in the gospel music industry, would continue to keep their music at a church setting. Let's keep it church and not hip hop. "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever". Let's keep it church.

Thank you kindly

It was such a blessing when ever Timothy would come and fellowship with our church. Community Church of God in Christ in Farrockaway Qwenns. When ever I knew he was comming I allways made sure I was there. He will surely be missed. When ever I looked at him I allways saw the teachings of Bishop F.D. Washington in him. My prays goes out to his family.

God bless Rev Timothty Wright's family, the music he left behind for the world and his church family. Inspired.

I'll Always remember Rev. Timothy Wright for all his wonderful songs, and all his love he brought with him, when he visited the Long Branch Church Of God Long Branch New Jersey where the Bishop Richard Worsley Jr Is the senior Pastor. You all are always in my prayers God Bless and Keep on Keepin on.

I met Pastor Wright twice in my life both at church services here in Tn, only last year was I in a service with him here in Knoxville Tn as he did a gospel seminar. He always made you feel comfortable in his presence and it was lik you had known him for years. God put a great musical and preaching talent on earth for a season and now the season is over. Thanks God for the season of Pastor Timothy Wright. To his sons remember what your father and mother taught you and the life they lived before you. Do greater things than they did and live a greater life as well in God.

Rest In Eternal Peace, Dear Reverend Wright.

To the family of Reverend Timothy Wright!

My God's mighty hand be upon you all! Needless to say Reverend Wright was a powerful man of God and kept the faith and finished his course! God did get the Glory out of his life and now he has been promoted to Glory!

It's amazing how this type of promotion is so painful to us on this earth! In God's pressence is fullness of Joy and at his right hand pleasures forever more! There is no Greater Love than the Love of Christ Jesus! WOW!

Reverend Wright has recieved the Ultimate reward for his faithfulness! This is the reward that we all strive for, we live to die for this reward!

Now my brothers and sisters God has shifted your lives! And you too have been promoted, not to Glory but to a higher place of Praise! You now have to make your call and election sure in Christ Jesus ON ANOTHER LEVEL! It's your time and season! The Glory will be with you and fill your hearts like never before! Worship will exude from within, don't be afraid of where God is going to take you! Set your faces like flint and Don't give in or let go! The scoffers will buff at and against you BUT OUR GOD IS GREATER AND MIGHTIER AND HE WILL SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT ON YOUR BEHALF!

Love always Evang. Lining

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I love the way you write and also the theme on your blog. Did you code this yourself or was it done by a professional? I'm very very impressed.

This site appears to get a good ammount of visitors. How do you promote it? It gives a nice individual spin on things. I guess having something real or substantial to talk about is the most important factor.

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