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Gospel Execs Drop Christian Hip-Hop Artist, The Ambassador, for 'Moral Failure'

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william-duce-branch.jpgProminent Christian rapper The Ambassador has been dropped by his record company Cross Movement Records due to "moral failure in his marriage."


The Ambassador, also known as William "Duce" Branch, was member of Philadelphia's The Cross Movement and subsequently released solo albums 'Christology In Layman's Terms' (1999), 'The Thesis' (2005) and 'The Chop Chop: From Milk To Meat' (2008). 

Read a record label statement, "It is with much grief, severe disappointment and an overwhelming fear of the Lord that Cross Movement Records is sad to announce that we will be discontinuing the forwarding and promotion of the artist and minister, The Ambassador, due to recent findings of moral failure in his marriage. It is Cross Movement Records past, current and, prayerfully, future position that living in moral compromise is unacceptable and never allowable in the lives of any of the ministers that we co-labour with. . . We at CMR solicit your prayers for The Ambassador as he begins the uphill climb of restoration through the process of repentance."

Source: Cross Rhythms
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This is saddening to hear, yet it reminds us that no one is beyond the temptations of sin. Fortunately we serve a God of forgiveness and I pray for this family during a time that wil test their faith. I pray God gives them strength daily and heals what has been damaged, making them stronger through the growing. We are all clay in the potter's hands, and we will not be complete vessels until we are with Christ. Until that day, we will fall and fail, and trust that God will continue the good work that he began in us and be faithful to complete it.

My husband shared this heart breaking news with me last night. We LOVE CMR as well as their artists and always anticipate a new album. I just wanted to say that although we were disappointed with what has happened, we both feel that CMR's decision is absolutely correct and we give them a whole lot of credit for doing what is right, even if it is tough. Good for you! Our prayers will continue to be with the Ambassador and his family.

As followers of Christ, we must not compromise His teachings and Word. I believe with all my heart the record label acted according to God's word. However, to Ambassador ...

As someone who 23 years ago failed the Lord by fornicating with a married man, I can tell you that our God is a merciful God and can heal, restore, and renew you. Remember David (Psalmist). Get into God's word, read and re-read the Psalmist story. And make Psalms 51 your Psalms. Go to HIM, with a contrite heart, acknowledge your sin, repent and fall back into HIS ARMS.

I promise you (from experience) HE WILL FORGIVE YOU. But please, don't forget we must pay for our transgressions, there are always consequences. Just ask GOD the Father, Jesus our Saviour and the HOLY SPIRIT, our comforter, to carry you and your loving family through this.

Trust me, he will renew you. He has me. And no matter what shameful, sinful thing I had done, I am now a new creation. My love and prayers are with both the record label and with Ambassador and HIS family. Both will receive negative criticism.

One for doing what's right, the other for having been a public figure who failed God. Nevertheless, His word says, all things work together for Good to those that love and fear God. Amen.


So what he fell of the holy train, when a secular atrists sins they dont stop them from making records,we should not make his problem worse let him, take some time off to get his head right, but don't cut him off completely, GOD can still use him to fix this problem in others .

I hear what your saying but I'm sure it was part of his contract to maintain a certain image or follow certain rules or get dropped, otherwise they wouldn't have dropped him completely

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