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January 23, 2017

How to Get Back Up When Ministry Knocks You Down

WATCH: The World says Goodbye to Muhammad Ali

Washington National Cathedral to Remove Confederate Flag Images In Stained-Glass Windows

Dwight McKissic Sr. Proud of How Southern Baptist Leaders Have Addressed the Race Issue, But Still Calls for Confederate Flag to Come Down

Hillary Clinton Makes History! Becomes First Woman Nominee of a Major Political Party

What It Means to Burn Down a Black Church In America

Southern Baptist Convention Sees 9th Year of Membership Decline, Losing More Than 200K Members In 2015

Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Administrator Dan Dumas Had Gospel Conversations With Muhammad Ali

Brandon Parker, 33-Year-Old Georgia Pastor and Grandson of Singer Otis Redding, Shot to Death by Girlfriend In 'Domestic Issue' that Escalated

Church, Family Awaiting Autopsy of Georgia Pastor Brandon Parker; Girlfriend Tracia Hubbard Makes First Court Appearance

President Obama Sending 250 Special Operations Troops to Syria

LISTEN: President Obama, We are Pulling for You to Succeed Against ISIS, but God May Not Be with You (Second Coming Chapel with Daniel Whyte III)

Notable Ministers from Church History Give Ten Reasons Pastors Must Be Prayer Warriors

New York Pastor A. R. Bernard Hopes to Help Men and Women Foster Better Romantic Relationships In New Book, "Four Things Women Want From a Man"

In Commencement Speech at Jackson State University, Michelle Obama Criticizes Mississippi's Religious Freedom Bill

Charles Koch says Another Clinton Presidency Could be Better Than Anything the Republicans Have to Offer; Criticizes Trump and Cruz for 'Frightening' Statements

Christian Leaders from UnitedCry DC16 Event Answer: What Will Happen to America If It Drifts Away From God?

John Boehner Says Paul Ryan Should be President

ISIS Is Burning Bibles

Trump Wins 4 States, Kasich Wins Ohio; Clinton Wins Big in Florida and Ohio

John Kasich Wins Home State of Ohio

Marco Rubio Ends Presidential Campaign After Trump Takes Florida

In Concession Speech, Marco Rubio Says 'It Is Not God's Plan that I Be President In 2016 or Maybe Ever'

Ted Cruz Hails ‘Good Night’ After Primary Losses

National Black Church Initiative Launches Comprehensive Strategy to Combat 'Education Emergency' in African-American Community

Some Are Saying that Joel Osteen Endorsed Donald Trump, but Church Denies It

WATCH: Michelle Malkin Goes Off On Drudge Report for 'Cheap Tabloid Shot' at Christians and Ted Cruz

Putin Orders Withdrawal of Main Russian Forces from Syria

Police say Inheritance Dispute Lawsuit Behind Ohio Pastor's Shooting by Brother

Brother of Ohio Pastor Shot Dead Has Been Arrested

70-Year-Old Pastor Shot and Killed by His Brother at Ohio Church

After Comments on KKK Leader, National Black Church Initiative Condemns Donald Trump as 'Biggest Racist Since Bull Connor'

Professors Eddie Glaude and Michael Eric Dyson say President Obama has 'Scolded', 'Devastated' the Black Community


Letters to the Supreme Court
by Daniel Whyte III
with Daniel Whyte IV

Episode 27

Alabama Attorney Files $6 Million Lawsuit Against 5 U.S. Supreme Court Justices Who Legalized Same-Sex Marriage

Franklin Graham Calls Charlotte, North Carolina, Transgender Bathroom Bill 'Wicked, Filthy'

LISTEN: Ben Carson says, 'It's a Bit of a Stretch for Obama to Claim Understanding of Black Experience In U.S. Because He Was Raised White'; Now Some are Calling for Him to Drop Out of the Race

U.S. Airstrikes in Libya Target Suspected ISIS Gathering, 40 Killed

Pope Francis Suggests Donald Trump is Not a Christian

Bill to Protect Preachers and Churches from Being Forced to Perform Homosexual Marriage Goes to Florida Senate Floor

For Some Strange Reason, President Obama Will Not Attend Justice Scalia's Funeral; Will Pay Respects at Supreme Court on Friday

Strategies to Help Reverse Diabetes

For First Time, Ted Cruz (Narrowly) Beats Donald Trump in National Poll

President Obama to Meet With Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter Activists at the Same Time on Thursday

Nike Cuts Ties With Manny Pacquiao After He Calls Homosexuals Worse Than Animals

African Governments Crack Down on Churches of Self-Proclaimed Prophets Tied to 'Miracle Cures' and Other Corrupt, Immoral Schemes

Prosperity Gospel Gone Too Far? Detroit's Word of Faith Center Wants to Drill for Oil On its Land, but Opponents Say the Church is Just Being 'Greedy'

LISTEN: The Prophet Daniel's Report with Daniel Whyte III Celebrates 600th Episode. We Give God All the Glory, Praise, and Honor, and We Thank the Multiplied Thousands of You Who Have Gone on This Journey With Us!

WATCH: Is Hillary Too Sick to Be President? Let’s Be Real, People

Why South Carolina's Evangelicals Love Donald Trump

WATCH: Rev. Raphael Warnock Reflects on his Past and the Future of Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church; Marries Girlfriend in Public Ceremony

LISTEN: Preparing the Navigator, Pt. 7; Minimality, Pt. 4; Logic of Humility, Pt. 1

Strategic Christian Leadership, Series #1, Episode #11 with Daniel Whyte III

Vanity, Prince Protege Turned Born-Again Christian, Dies at 57; MC Hammer, Sheila E. Remember Her as Friend and Sister In Christ - 'She Absolutely Loved God Unto Salvation'

LISTEN: When Death Arrives, Part 2

Preparing for the Inevitable with Daniel Whyte III

At One S.C. Megachurch, Whites, Blacks, and Latinos Worship Together, but Remain 'At War' When it Comes to Politics

Justice Antonin Scalia Was Found Dead With 'a Pillow Over His Head'; Texas Judge Says 'It Wasn’t a Heart Attack'

For Some Reason, Justice Scalia Declined Security Detail While at Ranch
Judge says Autopsy is Not Necessary
Texas judge disputes 'death by natural causes' determination
Flashback: Justice Ginsburg details death threats against fellow justice
Death in office an extreme rarity for modern justices
Scalia says, I Would Not Like To Be Replaced By Someone Who Would Undo Everything I Did
Flashback: In 1960, Democrats in Senate passed resolution against election year Supreme Court appointments


The Writer's Life
by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte

Episode #9 -- Chapters 25, 26, & 27

LISTEN: Jesus' Prayer that God Heard and Answered for Us

Praying Through the Bible #179 with Daniel Whyte III
Gospel Light House of Prayer International

Michelle Alexander Says Black People Need to Think Twice Before Voting for Hillary Clinton

T.D. Jakes’ Daughter Cora Jakes Coleman Condemns ‘Preachers of Atlanta’, Particularly Le'Andria Johnson’s Behavior on Show

Dr. Tony Evans Marks 40 Years of Life-Changing Ministry

WATCH - He's Back: Mark Driscoll, With Wife Grace, Announces the Launch of the Trinity Church In Phoenix, Arizona

Tony Evans and Kimberla Lawson Roby Top the February 2016 BCNN1/BCBC National Bestsellers List

Bishop Paul S. Morton Asks Pastors Meeting With Hillary Clinton to Get a Commitment from Her That She Will Protect God's Church on Marriage If She Is Elected President

Saeed Abedini Releases First Public Statement Since Returning to U. S.; He Is 'Hoping and Praying for Healing and Restoration’ In Marriage, But Calls Wife's Spousal Abuse Claims 'Not True'

For the record, we at BCNN1 believe and stand with Saeed Abedini, a man who was imprisoned for nearly 4 years because of his faith in Jesus Christ and refused to deny Him and the cause of Christ. We do not believe he could be this big bad monster that his wife is accusing him of being. And to Naghmeh Abedini: the Christian people who helped you are trying to be nice to you and not tell you this, but what they believe and are saying behind your back is that you got tired of waiting and didn't believe your husband was going to make it back home and started these domestic abuse accusations to cover-up something. What we urge you to do is to come clean to the people who have prayed for and supported you, your husband and your children. And sadly, not only Christians, but also the secular community, agree that you could have at least handled this far better than what you did.

Rev. Nicholas Richards of Harlem Creates ROHO – a Website that Archives and Spreads Videos of the Sermons of Black Ministers; Prominent Pastors Embrace It as New Tool to Spread God’s Word

Denver Broncos Spank Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, 24-10

Cam Newton throws tantrum as Peyton Manning becomes first quarterback to win 200 games. When asked if he would retire, Manning said, 'I'm going to kiss my wife, spend time with my family, drink a lot of Buds, and say a prayer of thanks to the Man upstairs.'

Marlow Stern Writes Convoluted Article About David Tyree – the New York Giants Receiver Who Made the Greatest Catch In Super Bowl History – Accusing Him of Losing His Mind When In Reality He Only Trusted Christ as His Savior

Wheaton College Will Not Fire Prof. Larycia Hawkins, But She Has Decided to Leave the School; College President says 'This is a Time for Prayer and Repentance'

28 Leading African American Pastors Including James C. Perkins, Otis Moss Jr., Cynthia Hale, William Shaw, and Raphael Warnock, Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Stripper Danica Dillon Admits Lying About Assault During Sexual Encounter with Josh Duggar; Lawsuit Dropped

LISTEN: Maurice White, Earth, Wind & Fire Founder and Leader, Dead at 74

Listen to "Eternal Life" (w/ Walter Hawkins) and "That's the Way of the World"

WATCH: President Obama at His Last National Prayer Breakfast: 'Faith, Jesus Are Good Cures for Fear...God Gives Believers the Power to Conquer Any Fear'


...And Family Drama Just Won't Stop III
by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte

Episode #11 -- Chapters 31, 32, & 33

Also available on:, Amazon Kindle, Wattpad, Medium, GoodReads, and Scribd

New Pastor of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston Aims to Hear God's Voice and Speak Hope and Life to the Parishioners

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. Shocks the Evangelical World and Endorses Donald J. Trump for President


Rise of the Seers
by Daniel Whyte IV

Episode 10 (Chapters 28, 29, & 30)

Pastors Unite Against City Violence With "Pray Chicago" Event; James Meeks Says 'Prayer Is Our Weapon of Warfare'

Pastor Elijah Thompson Sr. of Philadelphia, PA, Goes Home to be With the Lord; Family says his Greatest Legacy Will be Soul-Winning

Celestial Spectacle: 5 Planets Align in Early Morning Sky for Next 30 Days

Will the Current Treatment of Blacks Produce an MLK Successor?

At Notre Dame Event Meant to Honor Martin Luther King Jr., Black Lives Matter Co-founders Push Gender Ideology, Call Police a 'Very Big Enemy', and Say 'We Don’t Need a 'Christian, Cis-Heteronormative Man' Like MLK to Lead Us

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan Apologizes in Flint Water Crisis, Faces Accusations that Gov't Ignored Plight of Largely-Black City

Seven Missionaries Were Killed In Burkina Faso Terror Attack; Two Missionaries Kidnapped on Same Day by al Qaeda Affiliate

American Missionary, Michael James Riddering, Among 28 Killed in Al-Qaeda Terror Attack in Burkina Faso

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump, Heating Up the Battle for Evangelical Voters in Iowa

Carson Campaign Staffer, Braden Joplin, Dies from Injuries Sustained in Auto Accident; 3 Others Involved in Crash Released from Hospital

Ben Carson Temporarily Suspends Campaign After 3 Staffers are Involved in Bad Auto Accident in Iowa; 1 Person in 'Grave Condition'

U.S. Inspector General says Hillary Clinton had Intel from 'Most Secretive, Classified' Programs on her Private Server

Rev. C. L. Bryant Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs ‘Heartbroken and Frustrated’ Over Lack of Diversity in Oscars

David Oyelowo Urges Prayer for Academy President Cheryl Isaacs; Says, 'We Can't Afford to Get Negative, but We Must Make Our Voices Heard'

'Black Lives Matter' Protesters Block Bay Bridge in San Francisco with Chained Vehicles - Do You Think Dr. King Would Approve of This Behaviour?

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Courage to Be Misunderstood

The Daily Beast's Exposé on Carl Lentz and Hillsong NYC Places Spotlight on Megachurch's Conservative Stance on Homosexuality and Past Sex Abuse Scandal


Not for the Righteous
by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte

Episode #8 -- Chapters 22, 23, & 24

'Free At Last' - Plane Carrying 3 of 4 Americans in Iran Prisoner Swap Lands in Germany

'Nightmare is Over': Plane Carrying Freed Americans Leaves Iran

Iran Releases Pastor Saeed Abedini, Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian, and 2 Other Americans in Exchange for 7 Prisoners Held by U.S.; A 5th American Detained in Iran Will Also be Allowed to Return Home

Conservative Christians, this is an answer to prayer. God used President Obama to bring this to pass. Give God the glory! This is also a political and diplomatic victory for the President, albeit Machiavellian in nature, so give the president his due. However, the deal that he made with Iran will turn out to be an unmitigated disaster for Israel, God's chosen people, and the region. --BCNN1 Editors

Poll: 70% of White Christians Believe Police Shootings of Black People Are Isolated Incidents and Not Part of a Larger Problem

The Sweet Torture of Sunday Morning: An Interview With the Late, Great Gardner C. Taylor

LISTEN: Preparing the Navigator, Pt. 6; Minimality, Pt. 3; Leadership and Humility, Pt. 5

Strategic Christian Leadership, Series #1, Episode #10 with Daniel Whyte III

23 Dead, Dozens of Hostages Freed in Burkina Faso Hotel Siege

20 People Dead in Terrorist Attack In Burkina Faso, 30 Hostages Taken to Hospital with Injuries

Despite Anglican Sanctions, U.S. Episcopal Leader Michael Curry Says Church Will Continue to Support Homosexual Marriage


Letters to the Supreme Court
by Daniel Whyte III
with Daniel Whyte IV

Episodes 25 & 26

Also available on:, Amazon Kindle, Wattpad, Medium, GoodReads, and Scribd

Christine Beatty, Former Chief-of-Staff to Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Fights to Escape Shadow of Affair

Koreas Slide into Cold War Standoff After Nuke Test by North

NAACP Chapter of St. Petersburg, Florida, Criticizes Mayor Rick Kriseman and Homosexual Activists for Objecting to Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant Speaking at MLK Leadership Awards Breakfast

Florida Rep. Darryl Rouson Withdraws Support of Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant Speaking at MLK Leadership Breakfast

Here We Go: Homosexual Rights Group Tries to Get Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant Disinvited from MLK Leadership Breakfast

Out of all the young black pastors in America no one is more down with trying to help the black community than Jamal Bryant, and no young black pastor is more down with Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream than Jamal Bryant. If black church folk let this dis-invite take place, they are not worth being called the black church. And if black pastors do not stand up against this foolishness, they are not worth being called pastors.

Tony Evans, Ronnie Floyd and Other Christians Are Promoting Prayer Throughout 2016

Do We Have a White Bill Cosby? Ten Women Join Lawsuit Accusing Christian Minister, Bill Gothard, of Sexual Abuse, Harassment, and Rape

President Obama Vetoes Legislation that Would Have Repealed the Affordable Care Act and Cut Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood

LISTEN: Preparing the Navigator, Pt. 5; Minimality, Pt. 2; Leadership and Humility, Pt. 4

Strategic Christian Leadership, Series #1, Episode #9 with Daniel Whyte III

The Night President Obama Held his Townhall on Guns, We Had an ISIS Shooting in Philadelphia; Man Suspected of Shooting Philadelphia Officer said he Pledges Allegiance to ISIS

Attorneys Reveal Chicago Officers Falsified Witnesses' Accounts of Laquan McDonald Shooting, Threatened and Ordered Them to Change Stories

Dealing With the 'Cosby in Our Pews': How the Black Church Can Benefit from the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Tragedy

People Are Starving to Death, Eating Cats and Grass to Survive in Syria

Baltimore Officer Asks Court to Block Forced Testimony in Freddie Gray Case

ISIS Truck Bomb Attack Kills 60 Police Recruits in Libya, 200 Wounded

Dr. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative Which Represents 34,000 Black Churches, says Rahm Emanuel is Morally Unfit to Continue as Chicago Mayor

Scientists Warn Yellowstone Super-Volcano Could Be About to Erupt and Kill Millions of People

WATCH: Alabama Chief Justice Defies Supreme Court Ruling on Homosexual Marriage; Says Probate Judges Do Not Have to Issue Marriage Licenses to Homosexual Couples

LISTEN: Standing in the Way of Prayer

Praying Through the Bible #174 with Daniel Whyte III
Gospel Light House of Prayer International

Grand Jury Indicts Texas Trooper Brian Encinia of Perjury in Sandra Bland Traffic Stop

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk says, President Obama “Has Essentially Written Off Netanyahu”

Republican-Led Congress Sends Health Law Repeal to Obama for First Time, President Plans Veto

WATCH: Ben Carson's Former Campaign Manager Says Donald Trump Will be the Republican Nominee Unless Something Cataclysmic Happens

Is There a Double Standard on Race and Religion in America?

WATCH: Franklin Graham Launches Decision America Tour in Iowa, Urges Christians to Vote for Candidates Who Uphold Biblical Principles

Wheaton College Begins Termination Proceedings Against Professor Larycia Hawkins for ‘Same God’ Comments

Judge Agrees to Delay Deposition of Camille Cosby

WATCH: Obama Tears Up as he Announces New Restrictions on Gun Sales, Condemns Shootings

Judge Grants Bail For Michael Slager, Ex-Cop Who Killed Walter Scott

Josh Duggar Files to Dismiss Battery Lawsuit From Porn Star

Ben Carson's New Campaign Manager says U.S. Military Needs to Reevaluate Its Decisions to Allow Homosexuals and Women to Serve

Along with Gun Control, White House Moves to Increase Funding for Mental Health Treatment, FBI and ATF Agents

Ousted Pastor Sues Philadelphia's Historic Zion Baptist Church for $50,000, Reinstatement

Candy Carson and Kimberla Lawson Roby Top January 2016 BCNN1/BCBC National Bestsellers List

4.7-magnitude Earthquake Hits India; 4 Dead, Over 100 Injured

LISTEN: Dealing With Atheists, Agnostics, Unbelievers, and Scoffers, Part 1

Pilgrim's Progress According to the Bible #65 with Daniel Whyte III
Gospel Light House of Prayer International

African and Asian Bishops Threaten to Quit Anglican Church Unless American Bishops Stop Supporting Homosexual Marriage

After A Year Of Gun Violence In America, Is Gun Control the Answer or Should We Look to a Higher Power?

Why Rahm Emanuel's Fall Was Sudden and Probably Well-Deserved

Prayer Is the Answer! Prayer Meeting Started by Police Department Promotes Better Relations between Police and Charleston Residents

North Carolina Pastor, Larry Wright, Convinces Would-be Gunman to Give Up Rifle During New Year's Eve Church Service

Jesse Jackson Sr. Urges African-Americans to Vote in Upcoming Primaries

86% of Churches in America Are Predominately of One Race, but Most Attendees say Their Church has Done Enough for Diversity

Surprisingly, Many Evangelical College Leaders Have Embraced Black Lives Matter

On New Year’s Day, Black Churches Also Celebrate 153rd Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

President Obama Declares Resolution for 2016: Tackle 'Unfinished Business' of Gun Violence

WATCH: Singer Natalie Cole, Daughter of Nat King Cole, Dead at 65

Jordin Sparks, Jesse Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, and Others Pay Tribute to Natalie Cole

LISTEN: God's To-Do List for You in 2016

Gospel Light House of Prayer International with Daniel Whyte III

Military Man and Liberty University Vice President, Major Gen. Robert Dees, Is the New Campaign Chairman for Ben Carson