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Rudy Giuliani suggests North Korea will release 3 American prisoners today

There were unconfirmed reports on Thursday that North Korea has moved U.S. nationals from prisons in the isolated communist country to a hotel in or near the capital ahead of an expected meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. U.S. officials have not confirmed that the three men are out…

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Indian Christians and Muslims Unite to Protest Against Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis

As thousands of civilian Rohingya Muslims are fleeing what the United Nations has called “ethnic cleansing” in northern Myanmar, India’s Christians and Muslims and people of other faiths got together in the central Indian city of Lucknow on Friday to protest and call for an end to the ongoing “genocide.”


North Korean Last Missile Flew for the Longest Time Yet

North Korea conducted its longest-ever test flight of a ballistic missile Friday, sending an intermediate-range weapon hurtling over U.S. ally Japan into the northern Pacific Ocean in a launch that signals both defiance to its rivals and a big technological advance.


President Trump Reportedly Orders Military to Shoot Down Any N. Korean Missiles Aimed at U.S., Hawaii, Guam

President Donald Trump has given military orders for U.S. forces to shoot down and destroy any missile launched from North Korea and moving toward the continental United States, Hawaii, and Guam.


China’s Tightening Control on Internet Access Disturbs Businesses & Scientists

Frank Chen’s e-commerce business has nothing to do with politics but he worries it might be sunk by the Communist Party’s latest effort to control what the Chinese public sees online.


North Korea Warns of Harsh Response if New Sanctions Are Imposed

North Korea says it will make the United States pay a heavy price if a proposal Washington is backing to impose the toughest sanctions ever on Pyongyang is approved by the U.N. Security Council this week.


Teenage Girl Says She Was Gang Raped by Up to 40 Men in Thailand

Police in Thailand are investigating the alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old student last year.


Death Toll from Flooding in South Asia is 20 Times Higher than Harvey, but American Media Doesn’t Report On It: Here’s How Christian Organizations Are Helping

Christian groups are serving as the “hands and feet of Christ” as the death toll from the rains and flooding of South Asia’s monsoon season has risen to 1,400 people, which is nearly 20 times higher than Hurricane Harvey’s death toll of 70.


At Least 123,000 Rohingya Have Fled Myanmar Due to Violence

At least 123,000 Rohingya have fled from western Myanmar into neighboring Bangladesh since late last month, the United Nations said on Tuesday, as a military crackdown has destroyed villages and killed hundreds.


U.S., Seoul Agree to Get Rid of Warhead Weight Limit On South Korean Missiles

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump agreed on Monday to scrap a warhead weight limit on South Korea’s missiles in the wake of North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, South Korea’s presidential office said.


President Trump Admonishes South Korea Against ‘Policy of Appeasement’ Following North Korean Bomb Test

U.S. President Donald Trump admonished South Korea, a key ally, for what he termed a policy of “appeasement” after North Korea claimed to have tested an advanced hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile on Sunday.

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