Wed, June 21, 2017: Trump calls for rural internet expansion in visit to Kirkwood Community College

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he will push for increased rural internet access in his proposed $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

His speech to a crowd of about 250 at Kirkwood Community College also served as a send off of sorts for former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, who will leave Iowa Friday to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to China.

Branstad “loves the state and the people so much, and together we all join to express our deep gratitude to Terry for everything he has done for Iowa and for its people. Mr. Ambassador, thank you very much and have a good time in China,” Trump said.

Branstad, in turn, thanked Trump for his leadership and congratulated him for a deal between the United States and China that will allow the exports of United States-made beef into the country.

The two countries reached an agreement last month that would allow for the sale. China had said last September it would look at re-allowing the entry of U.S.-produced beef.

In his address, Trump hailed American farmers and said his administration will work to “eliminate the intrusive rules that undermine your ability to earn a living.”

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