Tue, Jan. 31, 2017: Trump meets with cybersecurity experts, delays executive order

President Trump was expected to sign an executive order Tuesday outlining his approach to protecting federal agencies from hackers. The White House said Tuesday afternoon that the signing had been postponed, but did not give a reason.

Trump met earlier in the day with cybersecurity experts at the White House, during which they discussed the president’s goals.

The order is expected to put heads of all federal agencies on notice that they themselves would be responsible for making sure their electronic defenses are sufficient, a White House official told reporters. That is to keep them from passing the buck to lower-level staffers, the official said.

At the top this effort will be the Office of Management and Budget, which will examine the cybersecurity risks across the executive branch, the official said.

“I will hold my cabinet secretaries and agency heads accountable, totally accountable for the cyber security of their organizations which we probably don’t have as much, certainly not as much as we need,” Trump said just before the afternoon meeting.

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