Thur, May 18, 2017: Trump says he’s victim of ‘single biggest witch hunt in American history’ after special prosecutor appointment

President Donald Trump bemoaned what he called the “single greatest witch hunt” in political history Thursday, after the appointment of a special counsel to investigate any links between his 2016 campaign and Russia.

Hours after issuing a more muted official statement in coordination with aides, the President took to Twitter to portray himself as unfairly victimized by the probe.

His complaints contrasted sharply with the near universal welcome in Washington for Robert Mueller, the former FBI director picked for the special counsel post Wednesday by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special (counsel) appointed,” Trump tweeted. “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”

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