Thur, July 20, 2017: Trump announces pharmaceutical glass manufacturing deal

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that three pharmaceutical companies have teamed up to bring pharmaceutical glass packing manufacturing to the U.S. – a decision that will create thousands of manufacturing jobs and an investment of at least $4 billion.

As part of the White House’s Made in America week, the president said that Merck, Pfizer, and Corning are creating an advanced pharmaceutical glass packing operations, a technology that will be used to store and deliver injectable drugs, vials, and cartridges.

“These three companies are announcing that pharmaceutical glass packaging will now be made in America. That’s a big step. That’s a big statement. We’re very proud of that. Thank you very much, by the way, and I know they wouldn’t have done it under another administration. I feel confident,” Trump said.

“These companies have formed a groundbreaking partnership to create thousands of American manufacturing jobs with this innovative new product. It’s an incredible product. Merck, Pfizer, and Corning are coming together to create an advanced pharmaceutical glass packaging operations, which include an immediate investment of at least $500 million and the creation of nearly 1,000 new jobs — and quickly,” he said.

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