Thur, Dec. 14, 2017: Trump touts deregulation moves, cuts red tape

President Trump talked up his deregulation efforts Thursday at the White House, saying his administration has surpassed goals of eliminating former administrations’ regulations.

Earlier in the year, the president ordered that for every new regulation introduced, two must be eliminated. But Mr. Trump said that goal has been exceeded. For every new regulation introduced, agencies have eliminated 22, he said.

The president said red tape has come to a screeching halt. Within the first 11 months in office, more than 1,500 planned regulations were withdrawn or, he said. The White House claims agencies have saved $8.1 billion in lifetime net regulatory cost savings, or $570 million a year.

Mr. Trump also said “beautiful” clean coal is coming back, as are autoworkers’ jobs, because of those efforts.

–CBS News