Thur, Apr. 27, 2017: Trump signs memo declaring low-priced aluminum imports a threat to national security

President Trump on Thursday signed a memorandum that finds low-priced imported aluminum is a threat to U.S. national security, and encouraged the Commerce Department to prioritize an investigation that could lead to new import restrictions.

“The artificially low prices caused by excess capacity and unfairly traded imports suppress profits in the American aluminum industry, which discourages long-term investment in the industry and hinders efforts by American aluminum producers to research and develop new and better grades of aluminum,” Trump’s memo said.

“If the present situation continues, it may place the American aluminum industry at risk by undermining the ability of American aluminum producers to continue investment, research, and development, and by reducing or eliminating the jobs needed to maintain a pool of skilled workers essential for the continued development of advanced aluminum manufacturing,” it added.

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