Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigns over travel controversy

President Donald Trump’s health secretary resigned Friday, after his costly travel triggered investigations that overshadowed the administration’s agenda and angered his boss. Tom Price’s regrets and partial repayment couldn’t save his job.

The Health and Human Services secretary became the first member of the president’s Cabinet to be pushed out in a turbulent young administration that has seen several high-ranking White House aides ousted. A former GOP congressman from the Atlanta suburbs, Price served less than eight months.

Publicly, Trump had said he was “not happy” with Price for repeatedly using private charter aircraft for official trips on the taxpayer’s dime, when cheaper commercial flights would have done in many cases. Continue reading “Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigns over travel controversy”

Tue, Aug 8, 2017: Trump vows victory in fight against opioids

U.S. President Donald Trump (R), flanked by Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Tom Price, delivers remarks on North Korea during an opioid-related briefing at Trump's golf estate in Bedminster, New Jersey, U.S., August 8, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

President Donald Trump promised to win the fight against a U.S. epidemic of opioid drug use, but offered no new steps to do so and did not act on a recommendation made by a presidential commission that he declare a national emergency.

Trump spoke at an event he had billed as a “major briefing” on the opioid crisis during a two-week “working vacation” at his private golf club in New Jersey. He also used the appearance to unexpectedly issue a stern warning to North Korea over its threats to the United States. Continue reading “Tue, Aug 8, 2017: Trump vows victory in fight against opioids”

Tue, May 16, 2017: Trump hosts Turkish president at WH

9:30 am: Speaks with King Abdullah II of Jordan by telephone

12:30 pm: Meets with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey

1:00 pm: Delivers a joint statement with Erdogan; Roosevelt Room

1:15 pm: Working lunch with Erdogan

12:30 pm: Meets with Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney

Mon, Mar. 20, 2017: Trump meets with Bill Gates, Paul Ryan, Iraqi PM; Holds rally in Louisville, KY

10:30 am: Receives his daily intelligence briefing

11:00 am: Meets with Bill Gates

11:30 am: Meets with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, HHS Secretary Tom Price, and Dr. Zeke Emanuel

12:30 pm: Lunch with Vice President Pence

1:35 pm: Meets with Secretary of State Tillerson

3:10 pm: Meets with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi

5:00 pm: Departs White House

6:55 pm: Arrives Louisville, Kentucky

7:40 pm: Participates in a Make America Great Again Rally; Kentucky Exposition Center

9:10 pm: Departs Louisville, Kentucky

10:55 pm: Arrives White House