Wed, Apr. 26, 2017: Trump orders review of protected federal lands

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ordering a review of the status of tens of thousands of acres of federally protected public lands — a controversial move likely to draw fire from environmental groups and others.

The president, joined at the Department of the Interior by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Vice President Mike Pence, called out past “abuse” of the Antiquities Act, which gives the president unilateral authority to designate national monuments.

“The Antiquities Act does not give the federal government unlimited power to lock up millions of acres of land and water and it’s time we ended this abusive practice,” the president said.

The order focuses on the past 20 years of national monument designations outlined in the Antiquities Act and spanning more than 100,000 acres, administration officials said.

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Tue, Apr. 25, 2017: Trump meets with farmers, signs executive order on “Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity”

President Donald Trump has signed more than 30 executive orders during his first 100 days, and he hasn’t forgotten to get the agriculture industry and rural America involved. Earlier Tuesday, Trump signed the executive order, titled Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America, in front of newly installed Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, a 14-member farmer roundtable and others.

“Today, America’s farmers feed not only our nation, but millions of people around the world,” Trump said, reading from the order, before making an aside about trade.

“We’re going to open that up much more for you folks,” he added. “As you know, it’s not totally open, to put it mildly. We learned that yesterday, frankly, with Canada, with dairy farmers up in Wisconsin, upstate New York, different places. A lot of border states in particular are not able to sell their dairy products into Canada, and this has been going on for a while, and we’re not going to put up with it.”

Trump said U.S. farmers deserve a government that serves their interests and empowers them. He said the executive order will empower Perdue to “identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations that hurt our nation’s farmers and rural communities.”

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Fri, Apr. 21, 2017: Trump signs executive orders targeting tax rules, ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions

President Trump aimed to dismantle even more financial regulations with executive orders on Friday, directing Treasury officials to take another look at tax rules and oversight of “too big to fail” financial institutions.

In a signing ceremony at the Department of the Treasury, Trump once again signaled that he intends to roll back many of the sweeping regulations the Obama administration adopted in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

“We have taken unprecedented action to bring back our jobs and return power to our citizens. It’s been taken away.  We’ve lifted one terrible regulation after another at a record clip, from the energy sector to the auto sector.  And we have many more to go,” Trump said. “We’re here today to continue this great economic revival.” Continue reading “Fri, Apr. 21, 2017: Trump signs executive orders targeting tax rules, ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions”

Fri, Jan. 27, 2017: Trump signs executive order to keep ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ out of U.S.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday that indefinitely suspends admissions for Syrian refugees and limits the flow of other refugees into the United States by instituting what the President has called “extreme vetting” of immigrants.

Titled “Protection Of The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States,” the executive order would start to make good on Trump’s promise to tighten borders and halt certain refugees from entering the United States.
The text of the order — in a break from drafts that had been circulating earlier this week — drops a longtime Trump campaign pledge to establish safe zones in Syria to give Syrian nationals displaced by the ongoing civil war in the country a place to relocate.

The order bars all persons from certain terror-prone countries from entering the United States for 90 days and suspends the US Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days until it is reinstated “only for nationals of countries for whom” members of Trump’s Cabinet deem can be properly vetted. Continue reading “Fri, Jan. 27, 2017: Trump signs executive order to keep ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ out of U.S.”

Mon, Jan. 23, 2017: Executive actions: Trump ends taxpayer funding for overseas abortions, instates hiring freeze

President Trump signed two additional presidential directives Monday, imposing a hiring freeze in civilian agencies, and restoring the so-called Mexico City policy that prohibits U.S. aid from supporting international groups that promote abortion.

When Chief of Staff Reince Priebus handed him a memorandum directing a hiring freeze, Trump emphasized, “except for the military.” The hiring freeze is in line with similar actions taken by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush in their first days in office. Obama did not order a hiring freeze, but only a pay freeze for senior members of the White House staff.

None of the directives were executive orders, but rather presidential memoranda. Known as “executive orders by another name,” presidential memoranda became President Obama’s executive power tool of choice, signing more of them than any president in history.

The Mexico City policy, referred to as the “global gag rule” by abortion rights groups, was first adopted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and has been subject to presidential ping-pong ever since. Democratic presidents repeal it as one of their first acts in office; Republicans reinstate it.

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Mon, Jan. 23, 2017: Executive orders: Trump pulls U.S. out of Trans-Pacific Partnership, signals intention to renegotiate NAFTA

President Donald Trump will sign executive orders on Monday to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to an official familiar with the plans.

Trump’s trade-focused executive orders, part of a series of actions planned for Monday, fulfill a campaign promise to rewrite America’s trade policy during his first days as president.

The TPP, a 12-country deal that sought to liberalize trade between the U.S. and Pacific Rim nations including Japan, Mexico and Singapore, was a signature piece of former President Barack Obama’s “pivot” to Asia. Trump campaigned against the pact and other trade deals, such as Nafta, during his campaign for the White House. Continue reading “Mon, Jan. 23, 2017: Executive orders: Trump pulls U.S. out of Trans-Pacific Partnership, signals intention to renegotiate NAFTA”

Mon, Jan. 23, 2017: Trump meets with business, union leaders, Paul Ryan; Signs executive orders

Donald Trump will start off his week by meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and leaders in the business community on Monday, according to the daily guidance released by the White House on Sunday night.

Trump will begin his day at a breakfast with business leaders, and later on Monday the President will meet with union leaders. In the evening, he will meet with Ryan.

He will also sign executive orders on Monday morning, though it’s not yet clear which actions he will take.

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