Fri, Dec. 8, 2017: Trump rallies in Pensacola, FL, urges votes for Roy Moore

President Donald Trump urged Alabama voters to “get out and vote for Roy Moore” in Tuesday’s Senate special election.

“Do it. Do it,” he said Friday night at a campaign-style rally in Pensacola, Florida — 25 miles from the Alabama state line.

“We cannot afford — this country, the future of this country — cannot afford to lose a seat in the very, very close United States Senate. We can’t afford it, folks. We can’t,” Trump said. “We can’t afford to have a liberal Democrat who is completely controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We can’t do it.”

He also mocked one of the women who has accused Moore of pursuing a sexual relationship with her when she was a teenager and he was in his 30s.

The woman, Beverly Young Nelson, said Friday she’d added “notes” under Moore’s note and signature in her high school yearbook, which she’d previously offered as evidence of their relationship. Moore’s campaign has alleged that the entire entry was a forgery. Trump chided the woman’s lawyer, Gloria Allred.

“So did you see what happened today, you know, the yearbook? Did you see that?” Trump said. “There was a little mistake made, she started writing things in the yearbook. Ah, what are we gonna do — Gloria Allred, anytime you see her, you know something’s going wrong.”

Trump didn’t bring up Moore until late in his speech. And the first time he made reference to the Republican Senate hopeful, it was in response to an audience member.

“This guy’s screaming, we want Roy Moore. He’s right,” Trump said.

Pensacola is a Florida panhandle city in the Mobile, Alabama, media market and an easy drive for voters in a crucial portion of the state.