Fri, Aug. 7, 2018: Trump attends, speaks at fundraising events

10:30 am: Departs White House

12:25 pm: Arrives at private residence for fundraiser; Southampton, New York

1:00 pm: Participates in a roundtable fundraiser with supporters; Southampton, New York

1:30 pm: Makes remarks at a fundraising luncheon; Southampton, New York

2:05 pm: Departs Southampton, New York

3:45 pm: Arrives at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey

Mon, Aug. 13, 2018: Trump signs Defense Authorization Act, hosts fundraisers in N.Y.

12:50 pm: Departs Bedminster, New Jersey

2:05 pm: Arrives Fort Drum, New York

2:30 pm: Delivers remarks and participates in a signing ceremony for H.R. 5515, the “John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019”; Fort Drum, New York

3:30 pm: Departs Fort Drum, New York

4:05 pm: Arrives Rome, New York

4:35 pm: Hosts fundraisers; Utica, New York

6:05 pm: Departs Utica, New York

8:05 pm: Arrives White House