Thur, Aug 3, 2017: Trump, VA announce new service to help veterans schedule doctor visits

President Trump and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin unveiled a new service for veterans Thursday that will allow patients to schedule health care appointments from their smartphones or computers.

The Veterans Affairs Telehealth Services is now available on a mobile app with the aim of making it easier for veterans to obtain as many as 50 health care services, from dentistry to dermatology.

“This will significantly expand access to care for our veterans, especially those who need help in the area of mental health,” Mr. Trump said at the White House. “It will make a tremendous difference for the veterans in rural locations, in particular.”

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Thur, Aug 3, 2017: Trump participates in VA event, holds MAGA rally in WV

10:30 am: Receives his daily intelligence briefing

11:00 am: Meets with National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster

11:00 am: Participates in a Department of Veterans Affairs Telehealth Event; Roosevelt Room

4:50 pm: Departs White House

6:20 pm: Arrives Huntington, West Virginia

7:05 pm: Participates in a Make America Great Again Rally; Big Sandy Superstore Arena; Huntington, West Virginia

8:30 pm: Departs Huntington, West Virginia

9:55 pm: Arrives White House

Wed, Aug 2, 2017: Trump talks tax overhaul, sex trafficking bill with Sen. Rob Portman

Sen. Rob Portman met with President Donald Trump Wednesday as part of an apparent effort by the White House and Senate Republicans to provide a jolt of energy to their stalled agenda on Capitol Hill.

In a statement, Portman, R-Ohio, would only say that he and Trump “had a good conversation about a range of issues,” including overhauling the federal tax code, curbing the addiction to opioids and “my bipartisan bill to stop online sex trafficking.”

“It was a constructive meeting,” said Portman who added Trump invited him to the Oval Office.

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Wed, Aug 2, 2017: Trump endorses Senate bill to cut legal immigration levels

President Trump on Wednesday endorsed a new bill in the Senate aimed at slashing legal immigration levels in half over a decade, a potentially profound change to policies that have been in place for more than half a century.

Trump appeared with Republican Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.) and David Perdue (Ga.) at the White House to unveil a modified version of a bill the senators first introduced in February to create a “merit-based” immigration system that would put a greater emphasis on the job skills of foreigners over their ties to family in the United States.

The legislation seeks to reduce the annual distribution of green cards awarding permanent legal residence to just over 500,000 from more than 1 million. Trump promised on the campaign trail to take a harder line on immigration, arguing that the growth in new arrivals had harmed job opportunities for American workers.

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Tue, Aug 1, 2017: Trump predicts ‘golden age’ for small businesses at WH event

President Donald Trump says that small business is the “engine of the American dream”. Trump hosted an event this week at the White House to note the importance of small businesses to the American economy and to gather feedback from entrepreneurs.

Trump also promised to keep moving forward on rolling back regulations put in place by previous administrations and moving forward on tax cut legislation.
Trump was joined at the event by the head of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon and his daughter and senior advisor, Ivanka.

Some members of Congress also attended. More than 100 small businesses were in attendance, according to information provided by the White House.
“Your stories demonstrate what it takes to succeed,” he told entrepreneurs. “America is on the verge of a golden age for small business.”

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