Tue, Apr. 4, 2017: Trump hosts CEOs at town hall

With legislation overhauling taxes and health care on an uncertain path, President Donald Trump returned to the familiar. Trump brought 52 business leaders from New York City to the White House Tuesday to talk about another favorite campaign issue — infrastructure and economic growth.

The U.S. economy has so far proven to be a point of pride for a presidency that has otherwise gotten off to a rocky start. Trump inherited a stable economy from former President Barack Obama, an economic recovery that’s heading toward its eighth year. But Trump believes he can do more for business.

Trump and several of his top aides emphasized plans to cut red tape and jumpstart infrastructure projects at Tuesday’s meeting, while also previewing for the CEOs other priorities that include shortening flight times for airplanes, increasing the power grid’s efficiency and targeting programs to improve job training. Continue reading “Tue, Apr. 4, 2017: Trump hosts CEOs at town hall”

Tue, Apr. 4, 2017: Trump hosts town hall with CEOs, speaks at Building Trades Unions conference

10:00 am: Receives the daily intelligence briefing

10:45 am: Hosts a CEO town hall on the American business climate; Eisenhower Executive Office Building – South Court Auditorium

12:30 pm: Makes remarks at the 2017 North America’s Building Trades Unions National Legislative Conference; Washington

3:00 pm: Meets with EPA Administrator Pruitt

4:00 pm: Meets with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

4:45 pm: Meets with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

5:15 pm: Meets with Governor Ralph Torres of the Northern Mariana Islands

Mon, Apr. 3, 2017: Trump donates first-quarter salary to National Park Service

President Trump will donate his first three months of salary to the National Park Service, White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced Monday.

“The president has spoken with counsel and made the decision to donate his first-quarter salary to a government entity,” Spicer said at Monday’s briefing.

Spicer handed a check for $78,333.32 for the National Park Service to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Spicer said the paycheck starts from Jan. 20, when Trump took office, until now.

At Monday’s briefing, Zinke said the donation will go to the maintaining historic battlefield sites.

During the campaign, Trump vowed that he wouldn’t take the presidency’s $400,000 annual salary if elected, and he repeated that promise after his victory in November.

Last month, Spicer said Trump would donate his salary at the end of the year and asked the press to weigh in on where the donations should go.

–The Hill

Mon, Apr. 3, 2017: Trump give firm backing to Egyptian president in WH meeting

U.S. President Donald Trump moved to reset U.S. relations with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday after the prior Obama administration’s strained ties, giving him firm backing and vowing to work together to fight Islamic militants.

“I just want to let everybody know in case there was any doubt that we are very much behind President Sisi. He’s done a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. We are very much behind Egypt and the people of Egypt,” Trump said in an Oval Office meeting with the Egyptian leader.

The trip was Sisi’s first official U.S. visit since being elected president in 2014. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, never extended an invitation. Continue reading “Mon, Apr. 3, 2017: Trump give firm backing to Egyptian president in WH meeting”

Sun, Apr. 2, 2017: Trump plays golf, talks policy with Rand Paul

President Donald Trump brought Sen. Rand Paul to his Virginia golf course on Sunday, where the two planned to discuss health care as they hit the fairways.

The outing to Trump National Golf Club came hours after Trump tweeted that: “Talks on Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare are, and have been, going on, and will continue until such time as a deal is hopefully struck.”

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said Trump would be golfing and talking policy, including health care, with Paul and budget director Mick Mulvaney. Continue reading “Sun, Apr. 2, 2017: Trump plays golf, talks policy with Rand Paul”