Wed, Oct 18, 2017: In meeting with Senate Finance Committee, Trump pitches tax cuts to reluctant Democrats

President Donald Trump on Wednesday gathered with senators on the chamber’s tax-writing committee — including Democrats — as the GOP crafts a plan it hopes to pass this year.

Before the White House meeting, Trump touted the GOP’s tax-reform framework as a tool to unlock economic growth and boost job creation. The president, who has repeatedly said he wants to accomplish the difficult feat of winning Democratic votes, joked about the minority party’s support to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee.

“I’m sure we’ll have unanimous support. I have no doubt. Right, Ron?” Trump said before the meeting, flanked by committee Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

McCaskill was one of six Democrats on the Finance Committee attending the meeting with Trump and their Republican counterparts. All except Wyden — McCaskill, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida and Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan — face re-election next year in a state Trump won in 2016.

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Wed, Oct 18, 2017: Trump talks health care, renewable energy with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Governor Kim Reynolds spoke with President Donald Trump over the phone this morning about the state of health care in the country, as well as renewable fuels.

The call comes ahead of a news conference the governor will speak at in Pella this afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

The Press Secretary for Governor Reynolds says this morning’s conversation was “a very positive and productive call.” On top of the country’s health care system, the governor and President Trump discussed “the importance of renewable fuels to the Iowa economy.”

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Wed, Oct 18, 2017: Trump in dispute with family of fallen soldier over alleged insensitivity

The mother of a soldier killed in an ambush in Africa said Wednesday that President Trump “did disrespect my son” with remarks in a condolence telephone call.

Sgt. La David T. Johnson’s mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, told The Washington Post that she was present during the call from the White House on Tuesday to Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson. Johnson’s mother also stood by an account of the call from Rep. Frederica S. Wilson (D-Fla.) that Trump told Johnson’s widow that her husband “must have known what he signed up for.”

“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband,” Jones-Johnson said.

Trump lashed back. He denied Wilson’s account in a Twitter message Wednesday. He said he had “proof” that the exchange did not go as Wilson had described. Trump did not elaborate, but the claim again raised questions about whether the president tapes calls and conversations. Continue reading “Wed, Oct 18, 2017: Trump in dispute with family of fallen soldier over alleged insensitivity”

Tue, Oct 17, 2017: Trump speaks at Heritage Foundation, says he’s accomplished more in 9 months than any president in history

President Trump, pitching his tax plan and other administration efforts to the Heritage Foundation’s annual President’s Club Meeting Tuesday night, claimed his administration has accomplished more in nine months than any administration in history.

“We have taken action to repeal the EPA’s so-called clean power plan,” he told the conservative crowd. “And we have ended, finally, the war on clean, beautiful coal. People going back to work, they’re going back to work. Over the last nine months, we have removed job-killing regulations at a record pace. In fact, in nine months, we have done more, they say, than any president in history, and we’re nine months. And there’s more to come.”

The president didn’t clarify who had claimed his administration has accomplished more in that time frame than any other. Mr. Trump, there in part to pitch tax reform, made another claim Tuesday evening — that his tax plan will be the largest reduction in taxes in the country’s history. The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Budget estimates it would likely be the fifth-largest in history, at best.

Mr. Trump is having difficulty persuading even some in his own party of the merits of his tax plan, which simplifies tax brackets and lowers taxes on businesses, but will have a debatable impact on the middle class. Mr. Trump has said his plan will save the average middle class family $4,000 through changes to the tax code, but some critics point out that is no guarantee, and some middle-class families may pay higher taxes as a result of the plan. Voters are also skeptical. A recent CBS News Nation Tracker poll found most Americans believe the plan would benefit the wealthy, even as the White House pitches the plan as a boon for the middle class.

“At the heart of our plans is a tax cut for everyday, working Americans,” Mr. Trump said Tuesday, adding his plain aims to make it so families can file taxes on a single sheet of paper.

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Tue, Oct 17, 2017: Trump meets with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, holds press conference

President Donald Trump hailed Greece’s economic recovery on Tuesday as he welcomed the country’s prime minister to the White House, a meeting that provided the two leaders with an opportunity to set aside tough rhetoric from the past.

Trump, joining with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the Oval Office, said Greece had “gone through a lot” during its extended period of economic hardships but vowed that the U.S. would stand with the country in the long-term.

“They’re doing a terrific job of coming back,” Trump said. “They will be back. We’re working with them on many different things.” Continue reading “Tue, Oct 17, 2017: Trump meets with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, holds press conference”

Mon, Oct 16, 2017: Trump endorses Henry McMaster in South Carolina governor race

President Trump blew into Greenville with all of the grandeur befitting a president Monday for a two-and-a-half hour whirlwind visit with his friend and early campaign supporter, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who Trump endorsed at a private fundraiser.

The event was closed to the media despite earlier plans to allow pool reporters from one newspaper and two television stations inside.

Trump, in a video posted online by The State, called McMaster his friend and compatriot who “worked hours that are unbelievable” as an early supporter of Trump’s campaign.

“It is my honor to give my endorsement to Henry McMaster. He’s going to be, for many years, a great governor.”

Trump called McMaster “a terrific man, a terrific person who works so hard. He loves South Carolina. He loves the people of South Carolina.”

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Mon, Oct 16, 2017: Trump, McConnell hold press conference, ‘come together’ to back Republican incumbents

Donald Trump on Monday threw a life raft to the most unpopular Republican in Congress, publicly expressing his support for Mitch McConnell and pledging to ask his anti-establishment friends to leave the Senate leader and his friends alone.

Until Monday, the Senate Majority Leader’s reputation as a canny tactician had taken a beating this year. Major legislation stalled. Critics from his own party called for his ouster. His approval rating was far below that of other congressional leaders from either party.

Then along came Trump on Monday, standing beside the Kentucky Republican in the Rose Garden, praising him as a leader who shares his agenda and pledging to ask McConnell’s chief antagonist to lay off the Senate leader’s GOP allies. Continue reading “Mon, Oct 16, 2017: Trump, McConnell hold press conference, ‘come together’ to back Republican incumbents”

Mon, Oct 16, 2017: Trump meets with McConnell, speaks at reception for S.C.’s Gov. McMaster

10:30 am: Receives his daily intelligence briefing

11:30 am: Holds a Cabinet meeting; Cabinet Room

12:35 pm: Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

3:45 pm: Departs White House

5:25 pm: Arrives Greer, South Carolina

6:50 pm: Gives remarks at a McMaster for Governor Reception; Embassy Suites by Hilton Greenville Golf Resort & Conference Center, Greenville, South Carolina

8:10 pm: Departs Greer, South Carolina

9:45 pm: Arrives White House