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February 24, 2017

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Pray Without Ceasing in 2017Remembering the Charleston NineSubmit a Prayer Request or Praise Report

Verses to Memorize in 2016

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WATCH: Kim Burrell Speaks Out for First Time After Backlash Against Her Sermon Condemning Homosexuality: 'I Would Never Apologize for Preaching Against Sin'

Black Churches Matter: Research Shows African Americans Who Regularly Attend Church are Better Able to Handle Racism and Discrimination

ISIS Calls Egypt's Christians Its 'Favorite Prey, Vows to Increase Attacks

The Great Tragedy of South Sudan: How a Young Republic Escaped Christian Persecution Only to Devolve Into Civil War

Nearly 300 Caribbean Pastors Ask Trump to Stop Obama Administration's Coercive Measures to Normalize Homosexual Marriage, End U.S. Exportation of LGBT Agenda

Saeed Abedini to Serve 4 Days of Community Service After Violating Restraining Order Taken Out by Estranged Wife, Naghmeh

Pastoring a Multi-Ethnic Church Isn't Easy, But It Provides an Opportunity to Tell the Story of Gospel Hope

Will the Church Die on the Streets of Sodom? Dwight McKissic Sr. on Four Distinct Last Days' Church Positions on Sodomy (Homosexuality)

WATCH: Dwight McKissic Sr. Preaches ‘Will The Church Die On the Streets of Sodom?’

Ahead of SBC's Racial Reconciliation Sunday on February 12, Racially Diverse Florida Church Described as 'Mirror Image' of Christ

LISTEN: You Never Have to Pray Alone, Part 3 (Praying Through the Bible #233 with Daniel Whyte III)

LISTEN: 10 Ways President Trump Can Help Black America; 10 Ways Black America Can Help President Trump, Part 10: Daniel Whyte III Calls on President Trump and Steve Bannon to Condemn and Disavow the Wicked Homosexual Pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos (Revive the Family, Revive the Church, Awaken the Nation, O Lord #232 with Daniel Whyte III)

LISTEN: The Tragedy and Foolishness of Overlooking Jesus

Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign, Day 32 with Daniel Whyte III / Day 399 since Jan. 1, 2016

After preaching the Gospel every day for 367 days straight throughout the 2016 presidential campaign season, Daniel Whyte III is preaching the Gospel every day throughout the first 100 days of President Donald Trump's term. If you think a new president being in office is the only thing needed to save America and 'make America great again', you are woefully deceived. The church must follow through and "keep the main thing the main thing: and that is reaching unbelievers with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and praying for their salvation, for the problem in America is not only disobedient presidents, politicians, and people, but disobedient pastors, preachers, and parishioners who have refused to obey the Lord's Great Commission which is to, 'Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature,' and who have refused to obey God's repeated commands to 'pray without ceasing' for unbelievers, believers, and political leaders." So, we encourage you to pray for the new president, but not to get caught up in the political happenings like the world does. Nothing much is going to change until people get saved and get their hearts right with the Lord. And that is what this campaign is all about.

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