Promise of Restoration

Restoration 4

Has it appeared you have been spiraling downwards for a long, long time? Have you  done the best you know how in life and still the downward slippery slope continues? Are you beginning to feel helpless or hopeless? Well, today I have some good news for you! God has given promises throughout His word that He will restore everything that you’ve lost and give you more than you had before!

Yes, after we’ve suffered for a while, God says in His word that He will restore the years that the locusts and the cankerworms and anything else has taken from us. In order to see this, we must return to Him with our whole heart, mind, body and soul. (Joel 2)

Do we have to go through sufferings in life? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It honestly depends on whether these are allowed by God or come as a result by our own actions.

Let’s take a look at the lives of two people we are all familiar with. Let’s see the struggles endured, the promise of restoration given, and restoration actually taking place.

Joseph’s story

You’ve read and heard Joseph’s story countless times. You’ve heard how he went from the pit to the palace. You’ve read and been told of his struggles for many years. The betrayals, the false accusations made against him, people promising to remember him and then only to be forgotten until later.

Joseph was CHOSEN! The things that happened in his life were not mere coincidences nor a series of bad luck. No, they were planned and orchestrated before he was even born. God knew what would happen before it took place and allowed all of this.

The end of the story is Joseph reigned and ruled just as God had promised him. He was totally restored and placed into a position of power.

Job’s story

Job, in the bible, was depicted as perfect and upright; a man who feared God and eschewed evil; a man of great wealth with a large family and possessions and stated to be the greatest man in all men of the east. Yet Job’s life changed and took a downward spiral which lasted for a long time.

His friends and the people thought surely he was not the man of God who he professed to be. His wife even had the audacity to suggest that he curse God and die after losing their children and possessions and even the decline in his health, but Job remained steadfast.

Unbeknown to Job, Satan had gone to God asking permission to touch Job’s life and God allowed it.

If you read to the end of the story, you will see that after a season of testing, trials, and tribulations, God restored EVERYTHING the enemy had stolen from him and gave him more than he had before.

Jeremiah the Prophet

Jeremiah, known as the weeping prophet, was anointed as a prophet to the nations before he was even formed in the womb. (Jeremiah 1:5). When the word of the Lord came to him, the first thing he began to do what to tell God what he could not do. God had already chosen him and it was a done deal.

Jeremiah went later proclaiming the word of God, sharing with the people what the Lord told him to share. Was he embraced and welcomed for sharing nothing but the word of God? Oh no! Instead some plotted to kill him. Yet, because of his calling, he continued to do as God led him to do.

The people forsook God. The people turned away and began to worship false idols. Jeremiah continually reminded them of their need to turn back to their first love as he was led by the Lord

Even through drought, famine, and other disastrous acts taking place, the people continued to rebel.

Let’s fast forward to Jeremiah 33 where God gives His promise of restoration.. Jeremiah tells the people that God merely says “Call to me and I will answer and show you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

God gave a promise that He would bring health and healing but there were conditions attached: Return to Him! Read Jeremiah 33 Did these ever manifest?

In the first two cases, we see where after the sufferings took place and because of their steadfastness, the promises of God manifested and restoration took place. The prophet Jeremiah was mentioned in these writings only to show that even through his obedience to God in merely telling the people what God had spoken to him to share, the people rebelled and insisted on doing it their way. You know the story.

God has given us promises of restoration through His Rhema and written word; promises of restoration. God has given many of us spoken promises of where He is taking us. As John Hagee stated, first comes the promise, then the problems, and finally the provisions.

The truth and nothing but the truth is, if He spoke it to you, it was already done. The process of going through is an often painful one, but God knows and often speaks the end at the beginning.

The questions I want to leave you with are: Has God spoken anything to you as to where He wants you to go? Have or did you answer the call? Has your life turned upside-down since hearing, receiving, and answering the call? Has your faith been tried and tested over and over again? Do you trust God in the good and the bad? Do you believe that ALL things are working together for your good? Are you swift to obey Him and His leadings or do you give lip service? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The GOOD NEWS is GOD is FAITHFUL and after you have suffered a while, after you have endured the tests, after you’ve stood for what you believe that God has given you, day in and day out, God will SUDDENLY restore absolutely everything the enemy took from you and give you more for your trouble!

The drought and famine is ending! Only believe and obey.

Keep standing! Once delivered, be not entangled in the bondage again. Keep standing and holding to the promises of God. Your time of restoration is on the way!

Galatians 5:1King James Version (KJV)
5 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
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No Season Is Ever Wasted

There is no wasted time


Over time, as we go from one season to the next, we either remain stagnant, grow or learn lessons sometimes the same one over and over again. Which has occurred for you? Have you felt like you’ve spent a season where everything you did was “wasted time”? Well, allow me to assure you there is never any wasted time.

Yes, there are times when we do not live to our highest potential. There are times when we pray, plan, work, learn and NOTHING goes as we thought, hoped or planned. We collaborate, network, develop strategic plans, we do all that we know we can and should do and then…It flops. It is in those seasons or times that we grow…that is, if we are willing to, and wise enough to gain the often difficult lessons learned.

Sometimes it is our season, yet a lack of confidence, a desire to please people, a fear of letting go…all prevent us from moving forward.

If you are in a season of time where things are flourishing and everything you put your hands to meets or exceeds your expectations, enjoy it.

If you are in a season of time where nothing goes as planned, embrace it and learn the lessons.

NO SEASON IS EVER WASTED!  Changes in seasons are necessary.


  1. Is this the right time for me to pursue or move to the next level? If no doors are opening, perhaps the time is not right.
  2. Am I aligned with the right people to proceed with what I aim or aspire to do? If not, perhaps the time is now to connect with the right ones and disconnect from the wrong ones.
  3. Have I gained the knowledge needed to go to the next level? Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we may THINK we’re ready when in reality we’re not. Conversely, sometimes we think we’re not ready when in actuality we are. Know where you are.
  4. Am I mature enough to handle the backlash and negatives that come from my moving forward? Unfortunately this is a by-product of going to the next level. Often this comes from people you must walk away from.
  5. Am I spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and physically ready to pursue? One has to be fit for the journey. Check where you are.
  6. Have I resolved the issues from my past to progress into the new? One cannot move forward while holding baggage from their past. Before proceeding, resolve any issues from the past that prevents you from walking into the new.
  7. Have I prayed about it, gained clarity, and know what I’m supposed to do in this season of my life? If so, proceed knowing that as you go from one season to the next you will have to repeat the steps shown above.


Enjoy your life! Enjoy the journey! Pursue YOUR purpose PASSIONATELY! Realize that there are no wasted seasons or wasted time. Each season is a time of learning and growing and is 100% necessary.

If you know that it is your time to go forward, please, by all means move forward. If you know this is a season to resolve unfinished issues from your past, do it, If you know that this is your time to gain clarity, more knowledge, and become aligned with a different group of people, don’t delay doing it. This may just be your season!

Actually, it is your season but you decide which one you are in and no season or period of time is wasted, if we learn from each one.
“Where families can pray together, play together, work together, learn together and prosper together”
“Helping Others Pursue their Purpose is MY Passion!”
“Helping Aspiring Authors Bring their Book from Dream or Vision to Reality”

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What Do You Do When Your Season Changes?



Transition from Infancy to AdulthoodIn life, we go through various changes in seasons. From the infant stage to the early childhood to late childhood to adolescent stage. From early adult to old age.  At each and every juncture along the way, there is a change in seasons.

As an infant, one is often vibrant, energetic, excited about life! As a toddler one begins to understand that some things just won’t work like they did. Still excited, vibrant and energetic but their thought processes and actions begin to change. And the cycle continues through the various stages of life.

The things that worked for us as an infant, no longer work as a toddler. The things that were acceptable and often tolerated as a toddler,are no longer acceptable as an adolescent…and the seasons continually change. My question again is: What do you do when you know that there’s been a change in seasons?

Do you scream and kick, whine and cry as you attempt to operate at the next level as you did at the previous level? Do you find that your behaviors, attitudes, and mannerisms no longer work in the new season? Do you have a difficult time letting go of what was and adjusting to what is now your present reality or season? Or, do you recognize that the season has changed and make the necessary adjustments taking a realistic approach?

Seasons change. Nothing stays the same. What worked last year may not and often does not work this year.

What worked last month may not work this month.

The challenges come from first RECOGNIZING that your season has changed. The next challenge is ACCEPTING the fact that your season has changed and then PLANNING and properly PREPARING to make the necessary ADJUSTMENTS for the season you are now in or transitioning into. All of these are necessary to successfully transition from one season to another.

I stress changes in seasons, but in reality it is various stages of growth and decline. As we go from young adulthood to senior citizens, we realize the things we used to do we can’t do anymore, nor do many of us want to. We often experience a decline in health as we mature, and an increase in wisdom.

As we continue the growth process or seasonal changes, we come to realize that in order to move or adjust to our “new season” we must make adjustments. Every juncture requires reflection, re-evaluation, re-assessment and critical decisions made to plan for and adjust to the new season. Ignoring this important process often keeps one stuck and not progressing through life.

Changes is seasons are essential and necessary. I write about the transition from infancy to adulthood, but as we transition in any areas: school, jobs, purchasing homes, relocating from one area to another,  children growing up and moving on causing us to experience “empty nests”, marriages, divorces, deaths, etc., all are changes in seasons and requires our analyzing our situation by RECOGNIZING, ACCEPTING, PLANNING, PREPARING, and ADJUSTING.

This week, take a look and see if in your life there has been a shift, a change in seasons, and look at how you have transitioned during this change and/or what you need to do to adjust to the change that either has or is taking place and make the adjustments.

Let go of what was in the old season and embrace the new season. It’s necessary.
“Where families can pray together, play together, work together, learn together and prosper together”
“Helping Others Pursue their Purpose is MY Passion!”
“Helping Aspiring Authors Bring their Book from Dream or Vision to Reality”

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This Means War

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Ready for Some Doors to Open?


The question has been posed and asked, “How can I get some doors to open for me?” Comments made like “I’ve tried and tried to no avail. I’ve worked my butt off and the more I work, the harder it’s been to open the necessary doors to go to the next level.” I have an answer for you and I believe in following this simple process, you will not only see doors open for yourself, BUT you will become a door opener for many others. That’s some GOOD NEWS!


What is this great process you ask? Let’s take a look at the following scripture:
Acts 16:25-34King James Version (KJV)
25 And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.
26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed.
Is it reasonable to deduce from the above that the answer to seeing doors open, to seeing breakthrough, to seeing manifestations, to becoming a door opener for many is to pray and sing praises unto God, thanking Him in advance for the chains being broken and the doors opening?
Is it safe to say that once we have done what we can do and see no immediate results or the desired results, adding prayer and praise will bring that thing to fruition?
The process is very simple: After you have done all you can, pray, praise and stand still and watch God move in miraculous ways. He is a door opener! He alone can bring breakthroughs and manifestations.
Realize that many times one cannot open the doors and it requires the hand of God intervening and moving on one’s behalf. So whatever door you need and desire to be opened, do your part, pray, praise and just trust God to do the rest.
As He opens them, continue to thank and praise Him…and to be a blessing to others!
You are probably thinking right about now that you’ve prayed and praised and nothing’s happened. Turn up the heat! Intensify your prayer and your praise! You notice Paul didn’t pray alone. No, he had Silas praying with him. Get with a prayer partner. Join a group of prayer warriors. Do it consistently until the doors begin to open and don’t stop when one door opens. Consistency is the key to seeing breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.
Be good to people. You are not warring against them. The bible even tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.
Isaiah 26:3King James Version (KJV)
3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.
This principle works regardless of what doors you need opened–family issues, jobs, promotions, restoration of finances, health, educational goals, business startup or expansion, etc.. “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:58 NIV It works if you work it and trust Him.


Keep your mind on Him and not anything else and He will give you all the peace you need. Keep your mind on Him and not your problems or issues. Be specific in your prayers and always conclude with…nevertheless not my will but yours be done. Get ready! Those doors are about to open wide!!!
“Where families can pray together, play together, work together, learn together and prosper together”
“Helping Others Pursue their Purpose is MY passion!”
“Helping Aspiring Authors Bring their Book from Dream or Vision to Reality”
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“This Means War Conference is a great opportunity for those who desire to see doors open to attend and spend 3 days in prayer, praise and worship. If you’re in the Southern California area, won’t you come and join us? THIS MEANS WAR!!!

This Means War

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Whatever You Do…Don’t Quit!

I Almost let go! I almost quit! Regina

Today I encourage you to keep moving forward in pursuit of your purpose and passion regardless of what life throws at you!

I encourage you to trust in the God that gave you the visions and dreams and believe that even though it’s taking or has taken a long time and you see very few results, keep forging ahead. It will pay off and you WILL begin to see the MANIFESTATIONS if you stay the course and do not quit.

Imagine starting something more than 16 years ago and only now beginning to see what was promised; what was prayed for and what was worked for! In sixteen years you know there have been a lot of challenges; a lot of losses; a lot of falling down; a lot of getting back up; a lot of mocking and ridicules…but when you know that you know that you know that God has placed something inside of you and it’s like fire shut up in your bones (Translation: It just doesn’t go way: you just can’t shake it.), the only option one has is to continue doing whatever they can and trust God to bring the rest to fruition.

I won’t bore you today with long discourse: I will just simply say again what was stated earlier: DO NOT GIVE UP! The good news is if it’s taken years, you are a lot closer now than you’ve ever been before.

The good news is that God is faithful!

The good news is you, as a visionary, although considered perhaps strange by some, are in the company of many great men and women that have gone before you. They too believed, worked, prayed, trusted in God,  and waited. I know, waiting is the hard part BUT you can do it!

I almost let go! I almost gave up! I almost quit! Today, I am extremely glad I didn’t and you will be too!

Anything built on a solid foundation and worth having; anything that lasts is worth the wait. In doing so, your gifts are being used to touch and change your life in positive ways as well as the lives of others and extending to the next generation. Legacy builders!!!

“Where families can pray together, play together, work together, learn together and prosper together”

“Helping Others Pursue their Purpose is MY passion!”

“Helping Aspiring Authors Bring their Book from Dream or Vision to Reality”

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It Was ALL A Setup!

Questioning Your Trials

All that the enemy has planned and plotted against you is a setup for God to bless you in ways unimaginable to the human mind! Yes, you my friend, have been SET UP.

Let’s take a look at a story in the bible where it shows just that. Let’s take a look at the life of Mordecai.

Mordecai, as many bible readers know, was the adopted father and actual cousin of Esther, who later became Queen over 127 provinces. He was of Jewish origin and thought by some; one in particular; Haman, to be worthless and disrespectful to the point that Haman was plotting his demise.

Haman went to his wife and friends who told him what he should do to Mordecai…he planned to hang him.

Little did he know that the wheels of change were already in place: He did not know that Esther had spoken to the King with her request for he and Haman to dine with her. He did not know that the King was having a restless night and while awake he reviewed the book of chronicles realizing that Mordecai had helped spare his life. He did not know that the King was thinking about rewarding Mordecai for his deeds which had gone unrewarded.

No, Haman did not know what was ahead.

Let’s look at the setup here: While Haman was plotting Mordecai’s demise by hanging him; the King was planning His reward!

To add insult to injury, the King asked Haman what should be done for someone who had gone unrewarded; for someone he would like to honor. Haman, just knowing the King was referring to him, gave him great details as to how one should be rewarded and he ended up having to march Mordecai through the streets, in all of his finery, proclaiming “This is what is done for the man the king delights to honor.” Wow!

You may feel that all you’ve gone through has gone unnoticed. You may think that your good deeds will never come to the forefront. You may believe that your work and/or living has been in vain. I tell you it was a SETUP!

You see God is looking and taking notes of all that’s been done; all of the hurts, pains, disappointments, letdowns: He’s taking note and He will reward you just when you least expect it.

Those planning your demise obviously do not know that God is keeping record. They don’t know that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, who put Him first, who serve Him, who is willing and obedient, who loves him.

Those that have planned your demise do not know the God you serve, otherwise they never would have planned and plotted against you. You see His word says to “Touch not mine anointed nor do my prophet no harm.” Wow, if only they knew.

To finish the story, after Haman had walked Mordecai through the streets; after he had dined with the king and Esther, he realized that his life was on the line. He literally begged Queen Esther to save his life, but the same gallows he had prepared for Mordecai was used to hang him.

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord: I will repay!

Don’t be concerned about the things that have or are taking place in your life. God is looking and recording every act, every deed, every thought…God’s got you! While you are being the best that you can be, serving God, serving others and doing as the Holy Spirit leads you to do; know that what the enemy has meant for evil, God means it all for your good.

It’s a setup I tell you. You, my friend, have been SETUP for humongous blessings and they are about to rain down on you.

Keep doing as God leads you. Keep giving. Keep being obedient. YOU WERE SET UP! Your blessings are about to rain down on you–pressed down, shaken together, and running over.


“Where families can pray together, play together, work together, learn together and prosper together”

“Helping Others pursue their purpose is MY passion!”

“Helping aspiring authors bring their book from dream or vision to reality”

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This Is Going to be The Best Day of Your Life!

This is Going to be the Best Day of My Life

“And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15


The day that you make the decision that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, will be the best day of your life!

Does that mean you will be trouble free from this day forward or immune to the vicissitudes of life? Absolutely not!

What it does mean is that you are no longer weighed down from the cares of this world as you recognize your Father knows you, loves you and approves of you…just the way you are.

It also means that you are free from carrying the weights of the world on your shoulders. He’s got that covered.

It means that you don’t have to be concerned about the fiery darts that come against you nor be concerned as to how others treat you. He has that covered as well.

It means that in essence, you are free; free to live, enjoy life, to be and to do you, knowing that as seasons change in your life, He will also do some changes in you, perfecting you to become what He intends for you to be…nothing more, nothing less.


No longer wearing masks, no longer trying to retaliate against someone who has done you wrong (Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay), no longer keeping records of every wrong thing that has happened in your life.

Isaiah 54:17 states that No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord.

Weapons will form but that’s none of your business.

I encourage you today to know that you are loved, accepted, and approved by God and to make each and every day THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

The weight loss has begun as we each lay aside the weight and the sin which keeps us from declaring the above statement; as we embrace our true authentic self; as we come out of hiding and boldly declare, “I am a child of the Most High God who loves me just as I am; as we no longer seek approval from man; as we embrace our uniqueness; as we daily surrender our will to His;  as we walk into our purpose; as we continually serve others in a spirit of humility; as we humble ourselves daily before Him acknowledging our constant need for His wisdom, guidance and understanding, we can and should declare THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY OR OUR LIVES!

Rest. Relax. Breathe. Celebrate. Enjoy. Acknowledge Him. Praise. God’s Got YOU!

“Where families can pray together, work together, play together, learn together and prosper together”

“Helping Others Pursue Their Purpose IS My Passion”

Helping Aspiring Authors Achieve Their Dreams of Seeing Their Book Come to Life



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Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis: Assessing Whether Or Not There Is a Need for Your Services

Market Analysis Photo

Before starting any type of business be it for profit or nonprofit, one should do a market analysis to determine whether or not there is a need for the services you’re providing.

How Do I Do A Marketing Analysis

The very first thing you want to do is look at the demographics of the area you desire to set up shop. This can very easily be obtained by going to the U. S. Census Bureau and pulling up the data. Although it may be a little outdated, it still provides valuable information as it relates to the number of people in the service area, those within certain income brackets, the number of families and children and so on.

The next step is to look to see if the services you’re providing are presently being done by someone else. If so, assess to see if that person or those persons are fulfilling the entire need for those you aspire to serve, or is there room for your business.

In assessing the situation, ask yourself, is this business confined to one geographical area or do you plan to take it globally or expand the services to other regions, cities and states.

Keep in mind that often although there may be one group or organization or perhaps several doing the same thing, there still might be a need for your business. Don’t be deterred because you see one person already doing the work you aspire to do or similar works.

Ask yourself, is this that I am attempting to start something that should be done as a new business or perhaps something you can assist another who’s already doing it.

There are times when we are given dreams and visions for a particular task or business and it’s not to start something new, but rather to collaborate and partner with someone else that’s already doing it.  In doing so, you are still fulfilling your dream and vision for operating a business. You are just using your gift of “helps” to bring it to manifestation.

Speak with various trusted business owners, nonprofits, Chambers and others within the area you desire to serve and get their take on your new business venture. Ask them questions as to whether or not they believe there is a need for what you aspire to do. Listen and take notes.

If after doing the above steps you find that there is a need for your business then by all means go for it.

As I’ve stated so many times before; starting and building a business from the ground up is no light task. Do the research. Do a S.W.O.T (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

These are just a few pointers for those considering starting a business or perhaps even expanding a business. The bottom line is BEFORE YOU DO, you need to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

The harvest is plentiful! Just put in your due diligence, decide and then move on to developing your actual Marketing Plan. In it, you will look at the 4 p’s of the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Platform/Placement and Promotions as well as the 4 c’s: Customer/Consumer; Cost; Convenience and Communication (Lauterborn, 1990), as with the 4 c’s for marketing communications: Clarity; Credibility; Consistency and Competitiveness. (Jobber and Fahy, 2009).

Best of luck to you as you endeavor into the journey of becoming a successful business owner. Don’t despise the days of small beginnings! Everything that ever grew to become an empire began as a seed!

One final word, as you are building your business, begin to think of generational blessings. Build it on a solid foundation. Always, always, always PRAY about it…ALL through the process.

Next week, we go back to inspirational messages…

Slice, Slice, Baby! (1)

The Back of the Book Cover Me Courtney and Roz

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What Impact Does Teamwork Have on Manifestations?

Teamwork makes the dream work

The same basic principles and core values apply when working with a team to accomplish purpose as with those of an individual. With the exception, that it takes the DECISION, COMMITMENT, COUNTING UP THE COST, DENYING OF SELF, INVESTMENT, WORKING and WAITING of ALL involved. It takes collaboration and partnership!

I’ll start this with my own personal story. Keep in mind this is my experience but also may be yours.

My Journey

Many years ago, as I started planning, developing, honing my skills, growing; as I pursued the visions and dreams for God’s Storehouse Ministries and REGS Books, I invited many in to be a part of the vision. Granted, although with some it may have been premature, yet I shared the vision and dreams with hopes of being a blessing to many others while praying that people would “catch” the vision and run with it.

The vision was plainly written, detailing services each organization would provide and shared with so many. There were many that came along at various stages and volunteered their assistance, some donated financially while others invested their time, yet it’s taken years for the manifestation to fully come about.

There were many that gave lip service.

I realized that even though this was my dream and vision to bless many through the services offered, I literally was running myself ragged. Neglecting my family, neglecting my health, investing my personal finances to the point where I placed myself as with my immediate family in some very precarious situations, assisting in the caretaking of an elderly family member, inviting people to come in yet they sometimes showed up and sometimes not. (Most often it was the latter.)

I opened an office, invited many to a grand opening, asked people to serve on the Board of Director’s for God’s Storehouse Ministries as with the Advisory Board for Regina Mixon Enterprises dba REGS Books Publishing (formerly REGS Books LLC). No committed takers.

While working a full-time job, I put in another 40 hours a week growing, learning, writing, falling down, getting back up…oh yeah begging and pleading with people to get on board. (David said “I was young and now I am old, yet I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging bread.” Why was I begging people to help me to help them to help others? I didn’t know my worth plus I had to get to the point to where I was willing to stand alone: I had to get to the point of fully obeying the calling.)

Keep in mind, I share this not as a means of putting anyone on blast as I am truly appreciative to all those that did as with those that didn’t. I learned a lot because of each group and I honestly can say I am truly grateful.

I paid some people to do jobs that they never did and had no qualms about not having done so. I didn’t pay a few people that actually did jobs until…well later…much later.

No real financial donations came in for God’s Storehouse Ministries over the years yet many services provided. The highest outside amount ever received in any year has been less than $5,000. Too many verbal broken promises.

I tried to “SHOW” people that I am a team player as I attempted to partner with many. In most cases, it was not reciprocated. In a few cases it was.

I found that it was more of a “What can you do for me?” kind of relationship as opposed to the round table meetings taking place and discussing what can we do for each other.

I joined groups, letting the leaders know in advance in most cases, that I was limited in my involvement but would support as best as I could. I fully understand the importance of commitment. Our yes should be yes and our no should be no.

I paid for events that I could not attend. Why? Exhausted coupled with the fact that often I had no one willing to attend and assist me. Add to that limited finances that would not allow me to pay for an assistant.

Did I let people down from time to time? Oh Yes! Exhaustion overtook me many times to the point to where I could not fulfill my commitments. Feeling guilty, hurt and let down, I beat myself up.

It dawned on me sometimes later (actually years ago) that even though I was learning all of these things as the visionary for the company, it was not and is not God’s will for any one person to do. There is not anywhere found “I” in TEAM. 95% of the work done by one person nor the investing nor the sacrificing and neglecting oneself… It was totally out of order.

I sacrificed great relationships. I gave above and beyond the tithe!

Notice in these writings, there is absolutely too much “I” in here.

So now that I’ve shared that, the question I ask of you is: What Impact Does Teamwork Have on Manifestations? The answer is without a functional team, a dream is just a dream; a dream is delayed.

When you are building a church or business or organization that’s about community, or living in a house with other adults, it takes the cooperation and commitment of all parties involved to make it work. A house divided against itself shall not stand. Each person should understand their roles, the importance each plays and know that without the DECISION to make it happen, the COMMITMENT to the cause, the COUNTING UP THE COST, the WORKING together to see manifestations, the WAITING and the DENYING SELF in some situations, the house/organization is Destined to Fail.

God placed us all here with many different gifts and talents so that we could complete each other’s visions and dreams, not compete with each other or anyone for that matter. One person should not do all of the administrative work, the bookkeeping, the pick up and delivery of items, the taking of tons of classes, the writing of books, selecting books for publication, be responsible for paying all of the bills, cleaning the house, buying the food, cooking the food, adrress auto issues, etc., etc.. Not when there are other adults involved.

I know nothing about computers, or very little. I know nothing or very little about printers. Heck, most times I can’t even figure out my cell phones features!

What Impact Does Teamwork Have on Manifestations and having a house/group/organization/church stand? With a FUNCTIONING TEAM, the house/group/organization/church is DESTINED TO WIN!

Can one fully plan and execute an event or operate any of these without a willing and functional team? No!

What’s the consequences of not having a team? The house/group/organization/church will not stand. God is a God of order!

Having said all of this, I conclude this with this…What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!!! Let’s get it in order and watch the hand of God move in miraculous ways. Forget yesterday. Today is a new day and a new beginning.

Just like I am tired, there are so many others out there who need your hands, your gifts, your talents, your resources. Your churches, your businesses, your ministries, your schools, your local non-profits all need your help!

I’m getting some rest now (and lots of it) as I have some personal goals to accomplish like–

  1. Getting out of debt (Yep)
  2. Losing weight
  3. Breaking free from some habits that are unhealthy
  4. Reevaluating and reassessing some relationships
  5. Getting my book to the editor

Yeah, I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to clean up some messes I’ve made so that I can start my life afresh! Excited!!!

Oh and I will still work, wait, and do whatever else I can as God leads. You see, He is not a man that He should lie and I know He’s sending my REAL TEAM PLAYERS in! (Maybe I’ve had some of them all along and they just were not ready…Either way…IT’S Time NOW!)

Love you ALL to LIFE! And I do love and appreciate each and everyone that has come on at various times throughout this journey. I could not have done what I’ve done without your assistance. Now it’s just time for ALL of us to come TOGETHER!

Next week’s topic: Market Analysis: Assessing Whether or Not There is a Need for Your Services






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7 Keys for Manifestation

What’s the secret? Why is it some people succeed or see manifestations of what they say in their lives while other’s don’t? Allow me to give you 7 keys that assures one of seeing manifestations.

  1. Decide. Everything starts with a decision. Regardless of what you desire to see manifest in your life, you first must DECIDE that you want it.
  2. Count Up the Cost. Once a decision has been made to do whatever it is you desire to do, you must consider the cost. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 lbs. by a certain date, you know in order to do so you must forego that ice cream that you love or those candy bars and that favorite soft drink of yours that you absolutely love. You also know that you must invest time in food prep, exercise, healthy eating…you must do all of the things necessary to achieve your goal. You must forego eating out 7 days a week or even 3 days a week. Your favorite meal becomes one that’s clean and your favorite activity becomes walking or exercising.
  3. Commit. There is absolutely no need to make the decision, count up the cost unless you are willing to commit 100% to achieving your goal or seeing manifestations. Being COMMITTED says “I WILL” not “I MIGHT”. A commitment means I will stick with this until the end, until I see the manifestations.
  4. Work. We know that God does the impossible for us when we trust and believe in Him, however, in order to see the manifestations in your life as in the example shown above, requires work on your part. Look at the example shown above: If you decide, count up the cost and say you’re committed without putting in the work, what’s going to happen? Absolutely nothing! Conversely, with the steps shown above plus WORK, manifestations must occur.
  5. Wait. This is a crucial step. We do not jump from point A to point B without going through waiting periods between the time we DECIDE and the time we SEE. Be assured that as you continue the process day after day, week after week, those 20 lbs. will be gone and you have the added benefits of looking good, feeling good, being more energetic, and being healthier. I would be lying to you if I said you start on your journey today and next week the pounds are gone. Waiting is crucial.
  6. Consistency. Be consistent. This is actually a part of the commitment process. Yeah, it can become pretty routine and become somewhat frustrating as you juggle 100 things every day, but it’s worth it. Keep the end in mind!
  7. Deny Self, Deny yourself the temptations and distractions that come along to throw you off course. Deny yourself when you hear that little voice whispering in your ear, It’s okay, you can eat just this one. or You can skip that walk today. Say out loud–NOT TODAY! Today, I’m going to do this!
  8. MANIFESTATIONS. Although this is not included in the 7 steps, this is the end result of your having applied the steps shown above. You and others will SEE what you’ve been working on for months or even years.

These principles apply as one pursues their own INDIVIDUAL goals: They do not apply where GROUPS are involved and in activities that require GROUP involvement or participation. In order for these to manifest, it takes the COMMITMENT of an ENTIRE TEAM or  GROUP, with each person deciding, counting up the cost, committing, working, consistency, denying self and waiting. I will cover TEAMS or GROUP involvement in next week’s writings as it relates to seeing manifestations.

If you have personal goals, visions, and dreams that you want to see manifest, begin to apply these steps on a consistent basis and watch them MANIFEST!

It’s Manifestation Time!


Look for “The Manifested Glory of God” coming August 2017 by Author Regina Mixon with Contributors Courtney N. Williams and Roz Roberts



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