Donald Trump Takes Step Forward On Judges

So far, so good for Donald Trump. He’s passed the initial Supreme Court Justice test. The list of possible picks he released Wednesday has pleased conservatives as Trump attempts to calm fears that he’ll go rogue on his Supreme Court picks.

Look at some of these reactions:

Carrie Severino, the chief counsel and policy director of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network : “This list ought to be encouraging to anyone who prioritizes the rule of law, and I congratulate Mr. Trump on making a very significant policy statement about his desire to prioritize the future of the Supreme Court…The names on this list would need to be vetted, obviously, but they all seem to share in common a record of putting the law and the Constitution ahead of their political preferences.”
The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List says:

“This is an exceptionally strong list of jurists with immense respect for our founding documents. We are encouraged by Mr. Trump’s repeated pledges to appoint constitutionalists, which stands in sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton’s position. There is no question Clinton would only nominate judges who stand in lock-step with the abortion lobby and would strike down even the most modest abortion limits.”

The idea that a presidential nominee will actually release an official list of names that they are considering is really striking. It may be unprecedented. I’ll have to look it up. But Trump knows how to play the game. Lower expectations to the point where your detractors think you have no clue and then prove them wrong with a stellar list of judicial minds. It makes him look good. At least for now.

This whole General Election is going to be fascinating to watch. Normally, a republican candidate will track towards the mushy moderate center. But Trump doesn’t have that problem. To be successful, he’ll actually have to track more o the conservative side so he can get the base relatively mobilized and excited about the fall campaign.  It’s really not shocking that this is in reverse since this whole presidential campaign has been in reverse!

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