Physicists Create ‘Time Machine’

It may not quite be the Tardis, but scientists have built what could loosely be described as a time machine.

In an experiment that would have challenged Doctor Who, researchers defied the second law of thermodynamics, which governs the direction of “time’s arrow” from past to future.

Working in the weird realm of quantum mechanics, they achieved the equivalent of causing a broken rack of pool balls to re-order itself.

It was as if the balls scattered randomly around a pool table went into reverse and packed themselves back into their original pyramid formation.

To an outside observer, it looks as if time is running backwards.

Lead researcher Dr Gordey Lesovik, who heads the Laboratory of the Physics of Quantum Information at the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT), said: “We have artificially created a state that evolves in a direction opposite to that of the thermodynamic arrow of time.”

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SOURCE: John von Radowitz, Press Association