Homosexual Activists Against Conversion Therapy Don’t Really Care About Child Abuse

Last week, gay activists working with legislators in Utah held a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee to ban so-called “conversion therapy” for minors. It was a bold move to push this bill in such a conservative, religious state. Historically, Republicans have opposed these “Must Stay Gay” bills and Democrats have supported them. Activists knew bi-partisan support was necessary for their bill to stand a chance in Utah.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints miraculously said it would not oppose the legislation, as long as it didn’t interfere with the church’s standards on sexuality, such as abstinence before marriage. The bill’s sponsors – Rep. Craig Hall and Sen. Daniel McCay – were amazingly, both Republicans. Even Governor Gary Herbert, also a Republican, enthusiastically supported the measure. The legislation appeared to be a slam dunk!

It didn’t take long for gay activists to start telling their “conversion therapy” horror stories. According to Deseret News, 19-year-old Nathan Dalley said a “conversion” therapist told him he could overcome his same-sex attraction if he became more muscular, played sports with boys, and snapped a rubber band against his wrist when he had gay thoughts. “The therapy that was supposed to be changing my sexuality made me spiral deeper into depression, anxiety, and shame about who I am.”

Tragically for Dalley – who did not name the therapist he worked with or give details as to whether or not he was licensed (all important facts that would have lent to Dalley’s credibility as a witness) – said he eventually attempted suicide because of the therapy. But this isn’t the first time we have heard such horror stories.

Since California became the first state in 2012 to ban so-called “conversion therapy” for minors, gay activists have testified in front of hundreds of legislative bodies in their efforts to prevent “conversion therapy,” which they call child abuse. And who wouldn’t oppose a law to prevent child abuse? After all, if licensed therapists are subjecting teens to aversion therapy – such as telling a client to slap a rubber band against his wrist, or worse, electric shock – to turn them “straight,” these are truly inhumane and barbaric practices that need to be stopped.

However, the main problem with these “conversion therapy” horror stories is that once they are scrutinized, the details become stranger than fiction.

In 2013, in front of a New Jersey Senate committee, transgender Brielle Goldani told one of the most outrageous stories of “conversion therapy” child abuse when she said her church sent her to a month-long camp in Ohio called “True Directions,” run by the Assemblies of God church:

“Twice a week I was hooked up to electrodes on my hands . . .  I, a child, was shocked repeatedly by people who had my parent’s permission to torture me . . . Twice a week, my hands were hooked up to electrodes for two hours at a time while we were shown positive images such as a nuclear family, a female with children, a male construction worker and a female receptionist. I was also subjected to forced IV injections twice a week for two hours each while being made to watch negative images of what they didn’t approve of . . . The injections made me vomit uncontrollably. Every Friday and Saturday evening, we were forced to go on ‘flirting dates’ where a camp counselor coached us on how to talk to the opposite sex romantically . . . This is nothing more than legalized child abuse!”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Christopher Doyle