Four Sisters Share Christian Life Principles for Young Girls in “The Virtuous Girl”

What does it mean to be a virtuous girl? Sisters, Danita Evangeline (aged 10), Danaé Mary Louise (aged 8), Daniqua Grace (aged 6), and Danyelle Elizabeth (aged 2), show young women in their book, The Virtuous Girl, exactly what it means to be the girl that God wants them to be.

Topics addressed include: salvation through Christ, church attendance, studying and education, attitude, modest dress, and learning how to love yourself. This short, swift read encourages young girls to build their lives on the solid foundation of God’s Word.

The Virtuous Girl is available now on and Amazon Kindle.

Danita Evangeline, Danaé Mary Louise, Daniqua Grace, & Danyelle Elizabeth Whyte are the daughters of bestselling author Daniel Whyte III. This is their first book. They are the founders of V-Girl Ministries, which seeks to encourage young girls to be virtuous girls. Theiy are also the authors of the Girls of Virtue series of novels for young women.