Did You Know These 13 Things Are Illegal in Wisconsin?

Did you know that you would have been tried as a notorious smuggler had you brought margarine to the state of Wisconsin prior to 1967? Thank God it is 2019 and margarine is now legal. Wait a second; there are dumber laws which still apply.

Right of way to livestock

Farm animals get priority over vehicles on Wisconsin roads and highways. If you don’t stop your vehicle to give way for livestock in Wisconsin, you can find yourself behind bars. Yeah, it’s sensible to know resources that help you check whether their relative or friend who went missing in Wisconsin is in detention.

Arousal laws for the gentlemen

It is prohibited in the city of Kenosha for any male to be in a public place in a state of arousal. We are sure their Law Enforcement has some sort of “Arousal Analyzer.” Even if they don’t, it is a clear case of gender inequality.

If two trains meet

It is only quite natural in any nation that trains running in opposite directions shall meet. But in Wisconsin in a similar scenario, both trains should stop. Then what? Well, please read the next sentence twice or thrice or even more times. “Both of them should not move until the other one has proceeded.” We still do not know till date if any loco pilot had adhered to this rule.

Pleasant cheese

If the cheese is not pleasing the manufacturer will be prosecuted. Not only does it need to be pleasing but baby Swiss cheese should also have well developed eyes.

Fine and prison for adultery

Anybody discovered cheating on their spouses will be fined to the tune of $ 10, 000 and can get state sponsored free accommodation in a prison for up to three years. However, we are sure that most people may not find anything absurd in such a law.

ObamaCare is illegal in Wisconsin

Yes, Wisconsin made ObamaCare illegal by banning micro chip implant without consent. Who knew that ObamaCare required a forced micro chip implant? Although the state did not ban ObamaCare, making forced micro chip implant illegal has banned the Care for all practicalities.

Shooting animals in mid flight

It is illegal to shoot animals from an air plane. However, the law does not mention anything about shooting at birds from a plane.

Watering your garden

It is illegal to water your lawn in a way that irritates others. The law should aptly be renamed as “Anti Irritation Rule.”

Waking a fireman

Waking a fireman who is asleep can land you in jail. But what about a situation when there is a fire and the fireman is asleep?

Worrying a squirrel and playing checkers

The name of the law is “La Crosse.” It has two rules as follows:

i. Do not worry a squirrel.

ii. Playing checkers in public is a punishable offence.

We have no idea how the two are related. But a law is a law and must be adhered to at any cost by all good citizens.

Legal to buy; illegal to use

Fireworks are an integral part of the 4th of July celebrations in the USA. Fireworks are available in most Wisconsin stores. But many available in shops are illegal to use. In order to use a firework the customer first needs to get a permit for that; the cost of which is $3. Even if you have a permit, it is still against the law to use sparklers longer than 36 inches and stationary cones and fountains,noisemakers, smoke bombs,toy snakes, caps, confetti poppers etc. having more than ¼ grain of explosives.

Library laws

If a person fails to return books borrowed from any library in time, that person shall submit the library card to the librarian. For those who are not very familiar with the system of a library; your card is kept by the library at the time of lending books.

Flute and Drums on the street

It is a severe offence to play flute and drums on the street to attract attention. We are sure that there are lots of Wisconsinites out there who play flute and drums on the streets for mere fancy without the slightest of intentions to attract attention.

Many of these laws are eye openers to the authorities to double check their rule books. In many severe criminal offences hard core criminals had gone scot free despite irrefutable evidence due to an archaic law which belonged to the Stone Age. State prosecutors often get ambushed by smart defense lawyers who had a surprise to spring by way of an outdated stupid law which made the crime totally legal. Similarly there are many incidents of corrupt police officers using idiotic laws to harass unsuspecting citizens.

The silver lining is that more and more administrators are becoming aware of archaic laws and are taking serious steps to repeal them.