Coptic Church Canonizes Christian Men Beheaded by ISIS as Martyr Saints

A new book releases Friday that provides insight into the 21 Christian men who were beheaded by ISIS members on a Libyan beach in 2015 in a widely publicized video.

German novelist Martin Mosebach authored the book, The 21: A Journey into the Land of Coptic Martyrs. The book will take a look at the men who were pictured in the photos and videos.

The 2015 photo shows the men on their knees with their backs toward the Mediterranean Sea. Behind the men are Islamic State militants with knives.

Their deaths shook the world and later, the Coptic Church officially canonized the 21 men as martyr saints.

According to the Christian Post, Mosebach saw one of the photos from the beheading on a German Catholic magazine. The picture showed the head of one of the men, Kiryollos Boushra Fawzy.

“This picture caught my eye in 2016,” Mosebach said. “An image of the face of one migrant worker beheaded by ISIS on the beach in Libya.”

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Source: Christian Headlines