BASE Archaeologists Say That the Ark of the Covenant Was Taken by Jews and Hidden in Africa

Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration Institute (BASE) claim there is strong evidence that the Old Testament’s ark’s resting place is in Ethiopia.The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most sought after relics from the Bible, being the trunk said to contain the Ten Commandments handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai.

It is said the chest is made of wood and covered in gold, containing the two stone tablets along with other paraphernalia from the Bible.

Ethiopia has long had a connection to the Ark, with Christians in the country outright claiming to be the current holders of the relic with it under guard at the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion.

BASE archaeologists have claimed there is “compelling evidence” that the Ark was in fact taken to Africa by ancient Jews as it was sailed down the Nile.

Biblical scholars mounted an expedition to Ethiopia as they believe the Ark was taken there after being shipped out of Israel to Egypt.

BASE do not 100% claim to have uncovered the Ark, but said the research has “strong potential”.It said: “Although the subject is controversial and clouded with confusion, one emerging theory indicates that the Ark of the Covenant was transported out of ancient Israel and may be in Ethiopia today.

“As unusual as this may sound, the BASE team has uncovered compelling evidence that the Ark may well have been spirited up the Nile River to an eventual resting place in the remote highlands of ancient Kush–modern-day Ethiopia.”

ark of the covenant ARK OF THE COVENANT: The Biblical relic is claimed to contain the Ten Commandments (Pic: GETTY)

BASE allege the Biblical king Manasseh drove a sect of Jews out of Israel and they took the Ark of the Covenant with them from its original resting place beneath the Temple Mount. 
Biblical scholars from there suggest the Ark was taken to Egypt, where the organisation claims to have found evidence of a Jewish colony on Elephantine Island.Investigators were dispatched who found the ruins of a replica Jewish temple, claims they say are backed by ancient scrolls such as bundle of documents the Elephantine Papyri.

Questioning where the Ark went next, BASE theorise the Ark was then sailed down the river Nile to Ethiopia.

Source: Daily Star