Report Says Facebook Allowed Advertisers to Target People Who Believe in ‘White Genocide Conspiracy Theory’

Facebook has allowed ‘white genocide’ adverts on the site, a shocking report has revealed.

The advertising campaign was targeted at people interested in a conspiracy theory that promotes the idea ‘outside forces’ want to exterminate white people.

A publication called The Intercept, which is dedicated to ‘adversarial journalism’, placed the fake advert – aimed at 168,000 fans of the ‘white genocide’ conspiracy.

It is believed this extreme theory could have partly caused a gunman to attack a Pittsburgh synagogue last week, killing 11 people and injuring several others.

It argues that ‘white power’ is being intentionally eroded by governments around the world through a program of measures ranging from immigration to sterilisation.

The Intercept – which placed the advert to prove a point – was able to select ‘white genocide conspiracy theory’ as its interest group on Facebook.

Facebook has 168,000 users who have expressed interest or like pages related to this sort of content.

The paid promotion was approved and only taken down once Facebook was contacted by The Intercept for comment.

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