Weather Channel Reporter Cheats Death by Dodging a Flying 2×4 Live on Air… Then Saves His NBC Colleague From Getting Blown Away by Hurricane Michael’s 155mph Winds

A Weather Channel meteorologist was nearly impaled by a plank of wood while recording a live report during Hurricane Michael.

Jim Cantore was reporting from Panama City Beach, Florida, during 155mph winds when he had to jump out of the way of an airborne 2×4.

The meteorologist also attracted attention for rescuing NBC’s Kerry Sanders who was nearly blown off his feet before Cantore ran over and held him upright.

Sanders thanked the meteorologist in two tweets after his live report, praising Cantore and stating that he avoided a concussion after being blown into a concrete pillar.

In the footage, Cantore is seen delivering a piece-to-camera when suddenly the piece of wood comes flying at him.

Thinking he’s about to be hit, the meteorologist breaks off mid-sentence and jumps out of the way while clutching his head.

In a separate clip, Kerry Sanders is seen swaying back and forth as the ferocious winds nearly blow him over.

He crouches down on the ground to keep his balance before Cantore walks through the storm and walks Sanders behind a pillar where he was somewhat protected from the winds.

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday afternoon as a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane, pushing a deadly storm surge and whipping the coast with 155 mph winds.

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Source: Daily Mail