Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ‘Pressing on’ With ‘Refreshed Orientation’

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s board of trustees affirmed the institution’s presidential search committee, approved actions of the trustee executive committee and conducted other business during their fall meeting Oct. 15-17.

In addition to their meeting, the trustees enjoyed multiple opportunities for personal interaction with Southwestern students and faculty. Interim president D. Jeffrey Bingham characterized the various gatherings as “three days of renewal, three days of refreshment, three days of amazing, God-given unity.”

The general session of the trustee meeting began with a report from Bingham, who cited Philippians 3:13-14 as inspiration for this period in Southwestern’s history. Focusing especially on Paul’s notion of “pressing on,” Bingham said that, with the past behind, Southwestern now presses on with a fresh commitment to the institution’s core mission: “to train God-called men and women for service to the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention and to the unreached world, all to the glory and praise of the one true God.”

“This is our mission. This is our purpose. This is our core understanding for why Southwestern Seminary exists,” Bingham said. “Everything we do now focuses around this core.”

Bingham said Southwestern remains “the best place to come” to learn to preach, do personal evangelism, do personal discipleship, do theological scholarship, plant churches, assist a church with its educational program and lead a church in musical worship. “Southwestern Seminary is the best place to come to be trained as a Gospel servant to fulfill the needs of the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention and to meet the needs of the lost throughout the world,” he said.

Bingham concluded, “With a refreshed orientation toward the goal that is at the core of everything we do at Southwestern Seminary, once again I say, with the Lord Jesus Christ ascended above us, with the Holy Spirit of God within us, and with the Kingdom of God before us, Southwestern Seminary moves forward to a new day, a bright day, in regular, eager anticipation of that day in which the Lord Jesus Christ returns.”

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Source: Baptist Press