Megachurch Pastor Tommy Nelson Reveals Medication Helped Him Through Depression & Anxiety

After years of managing chronic depression and anxiety with medication and faith, Texas megachurch Pastor Tommy Nelson hosted a conference this weekend geared at helping others achieve mental health success using “biblical principles and practical truth.”

Billed “The Journey Through Depression and Anxiety,” Nelson, who leads the Denton Bible Church, hosted the event at Mclean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia, on Friday night and Saturday morning.

In a recent interview with Fox News Radio Nelson, 68, shared some wisdom on the subject based on his personal struggle with his mental health.

“Depression and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes one will have more of this or more of that, but they both come from the premise of the same reason. I became a Christian when I was in college. Before that it was all football and after that it was all ministry,” he said. “I never had to be motivated I was just focused.”

In 2004 when he was about 54, Nelson began experiencing unexplained physical pain.

“I began to notice just my body would be in pain and I didn’t know why. Then it would be sleeplessness. And what it was, was adrenalin was always running and I couldn’t sleep, and then it just spiked on a particular Sunday evening and my blood pressure shot up and I just had this unholy feeling and I wasn’t sure what it was and I ended up in a hospital stay for one night,” he said.

Doctors helped him get some sleep that night but once he was discharged from the hospital, Nelson said he simply went right back to his hectic schedule. He was speaking up to 13 times weekly while pastoring a church of some 4,000 people. He was also getting ready to release a book and working on various church projects.

One day it all came crashing down.

“It just slipped, I could tell you the time, into an emotional hold,” Nelson said.

“I think it was Tom Brokaw who said they could tell you your mother died and it won’t phase you. They could tell you they won the lottery and it won’t phase you. It’s that you emotionally are just dead,” he said.

Soon Nelson, who is also co-author of, Walking on Water When You Feel Like You’re Drowning: Finding Hope in Life’s Darkest Moments, was battling a panic attack “where all the blood in your body goes down into your leg so you can run but you don’t know what you’re gonna run from.”

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Source: Christian Post