There’s a Devil Loose: Freshman University of Central Florida Football Player Is Arrested After Being Accused of ‘Raping Unconscious Woman in His Dorm Room While His Teammates Banged on the Door and Begged Him to Stop’

A University of Central Florida football player is behind bars after he allegedly raped an unconscious woman while his teammates banged on the door and told him to stop.

Demetrius Mayes, 18, has been arrested on a charge of sexual battery to a physically helpless person.

The victim told police she met Mayes at an off-campus party on Saturday and that they went back to the dorms on UCF’s campus with a group of people, including several of his teammates.

She then remembered waking up to the sound of someone banging on a door and saw that she was completely naked and being penetrated by Mayes, according to the arrest affidavit.

The victim said Mayes blocked the door when she put on her clothes and tried to leave his dorm room.

Seven of Mayes’ teammates saw him take the victim to his room and realized she was intoxicated.

They tried to get Mayes to stop, banging on the door and telling him he was making a ‘big mistake’.

The teammates stopped after the victim exited the room. They told authorities she was visibly upset and in tears as they escorted her to the lobby of the dorm building.

Mayes told police he met the victim at an off-campus party and took her back to his dorm with ‘the intent of engaging in sex’.

He claimed that the sex was consensual but that he stopped after the victim said ‘I can’t do this’, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Mayes said he then stopped and let the victim get dressed before unlocking his bedroom door.

The freshman linebacker was arrested on Tuesday and is being held without bond.

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Source: Daily Mail