Why We Should Pray for the Needs of Others

Recently, Jeana and I returned from Israel, the Holy Land. When we take groups to Israel, we always offer to pray for others in the Garden of Gethsemane.

So, on Tuesday morning, July 10, in rapid fire before the Lord, we called out the personal needs of a few hundred people who sent requests. When we finished this hour in the Garden of Gethsemane, I told Jeana I was absolutely exhausted. Even though it was not even mid-morning, the process of prayer exhausted me. Why? Prayer is hard work, especially when you carry the burdens of so many. Jeana said I was exhausted because I preached my praying that day, calling out to God with such great intensity.

Going through this list reminded me of the dire need to pray for others.

When We Pray for Others, the Walls Begin to Fall Down

Attending and speaking at the 2018 Epicenter Prayer Summit in Jerusalem on July 11 and 12 also reminded me of the powerful need for and the experience of praying for others.

As I listened to and prayed with and for leaders who are Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews, I heard and witnessed powerful stories of how prayer has torn the walls down between their people and their desire to make a difference in Israel, the Middle East, and beyond. When we pray for the needs of others, including the needs of their churches, the walls of division come down.

This kind of praying takes us beyond ourselves and onto the needs of others. Therefore friend, pray for the needs of others.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ronnie Floyd