Audrea Decker: A Respect for Civic Duty Must Be Cultivated in the Next Generation of Christian Voters

The Millennial generation (those born between 1982 and 1996) is now the largest living generation. There’s over 83 million Millennials in the United States, including myself, and Generation Z’s 70 million (those born after 1996) are right on our heels.

There is no ignoring it, these young Americans will soon be guiding our nation, for better or for worse.

These next two generations of Americans are different than the generations before us in several ways. We are the first to have lived our entire lives immersed in and shaped by technology — we were basically born with smartphone in-hand! During our lifetimes, American culture has been shifting from secular to blatantly anti-Christian.

The percentage of people who have a biblical worldview has been declining in each of the past few generations. Ten percent of Baby Boomers have a biblical worldview, 7% of Generation X, 6% of Millennials and only 4% of Generation Z.

You might think this means all hope is lost for the future of America, so why bother with these young Americans — but this is dangerous thinking. Give up on actively reaching, teaching and engaging the next generations and we run the risk of our country being led even further away from its biblical foundation.

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Source: Christian Post