Are Churches Selling Out Jesus for Money Like Judas?

For thirty pieces of silver Judas sold out Jesus! Wow. On that same night He called His disciples together for the “Last Supper.” He was breaking a piece of bread and drinking a cup of wine predicting what was about to happen to Him. The greatest day in the history of the universe was about to unfold. Christ was about to walk into His own crucifixion.

By all accounts, to every bystander on that day Christ was about to be a gigantic failure. However, to His Father in Heaven, He was about to walk into the very 24 hours, which He had been preparing for since the beginning of time. Is it possible that we in today’s churches sell out Jesus for even less? Is He in Heaven breaking bread that we will not commune with Him in? Is He pouring out wine while we refuse to teach and preach on the shedding of His blood?

I had traveled about five years speaking as a revivalist in one of the largest evangelical denominations in the world. At that time I was holding on the average of two or three five-day meetings a month in churches mostly in New York State. We were permitted at large state ministers conferences to set up a booth, and talk to pastors about the possibility of coming to hold revival meetings in their churches. I was very open about my extortive preaching. Pastors knew from my reputation of preaching and prophesying, that I was never afraid to share all of God’s Word and sometimes that “upset the apple cart” as they say.

One day I was having lunch with a pastor who had hosted my ministry. He really broke my heart as he shared with me this story. He said, “Brother, I do try to share with others how God has powerfully used you in our church. Just the other day, for instance, I shared with another pastor friend a good word concerning your ministry. His response was, ‘I know all about Brother Harkness’s ministry. I have known about him for a few years now. You have to understand. My people pay me a nice salary. They put my wife and family in a nice home, help us to drive nice cars and even pay for my kids to be in Christian school. If I were to have someone like Brother Harkness come and preach his extortive messages in my church, they would ask for my resignation on Monday morning!”

Such stories, though very sad, are far too common. They reflect the lukewarmness and coldness of the hearts of some parishioners and churches. They show how controlling many churches are regarding both what their pastor either preaches from the pulpit, or allows to be preached by others there. They welcome messages on hope and encouragements, desiring the milk of God’s Word, yet never go on to the meat of Christian maturity.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Nolan Harkness