13-Year-Old Boy Who Survived Being Struck by Lightning Thanks God for Saving His Life

Josiah Wiedman, 13, survived after he was struck by lightning.

A 13-year-old boy who survived a lightning strike that doctors say was enough to stop his heart is now thanking God for sparing his life.

“If it weren’t for Him, like, I’d be dead,” the Arizona teenager, Josiah Wiedman, told KPHO. “It’s an all miracle.”

Josiah’s mother, Krista Wiedman, is also thanking God too.

“I’m so thankful that God heard my prayer and my son is alive,” she told WNEM.

An AZCentral report says Josiah and his friend Javier Tapia, also 13, were walking home through a park during a rainstorm in El Mirage on August 8, when they were both struck by lightning. Surveillance video shows a bolt of lightning hitting the friends.

A GoFundMe campaign that was set up to help with Josiah’s recovery said the lightning first hit a skateboard he was carrying then travelled through his body before moving to Javier.

“At first I didn’t feel anything but after I was able to get control of my arms. After they were helping me, that’s just when everything started burning,” Javier told ABC 13.

“I got struck, I didn’t feel myself fall down. It felt like I was floating. But I was still able to hear everything,” he added.

While Javier suffered only burns, Josiah had to be hospitalized. The lightning strike is said to have sent him flying into the air. He landed on his head and suffered a concussion. A witness administered CPR until Josiah could be taken to a nearby hospital where he spent three days in a medically induced coma.

Josiah’s uncle, Reginald Steele, said he was grateful for the witness who stepped in to help and referred to him as an angel.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair