Southern Baptist Missionary Recalls Instance of Demon-Possession in Ethiopia in Warning to Christians Not to Ignore Spiritual Warfare

Warning Christians not to ignore spiritual warfare, a Southern Baptist missionary and church planter shared of one recent instance in Ethiopia where he saw a woman that appeared to be demon-possessed.

Elliot Clark, a cross-cultural church planter who lived in Central Asia for six years, wrote on Southern Equip earlier this week that he recently visited Ethiopia, where he learned at an ethnographic museum that a significant percentage of citizens in the country believe they are possessed by spirits.

“In our Western culture, perhaps sheltered from overt demonic activity, we rarely see the supernatural at work. But in our post-Enlightenment milieu, it’s also true that we might not see it because we don’t expect to,” wrote Clark, who has a Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“However, what the experience of so many Ethiopians — and much of the world — demonstrates is that we must be ready for the things we do not see.”

He said that the day after his visit to the museum in Addis Ababa, he went to another Ethiopian city, which he didn’t name.

“As I walked down the street from my hotel, I noticed a commotion across the intersection. Someone was crying out. I assumed there had been an accident or incident. Turning my head, I saw nothing. Then I caught a glimpse of a woman, screaming,” he described.

“She rolled on the ground, flailing and writhing in the dust. A crowd gathered. I was sure she was demon possessed. But then I second-guessed myself. And I did nothing. Because I wasn’t prepared.”

Clark said that he is sharing his experience to “awaken” Christians about the “reality of spiritual warfare.”

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Source: Christian Post