Here We Go: Christian B&B Owner Sued by Lesbian Couple Sees Petition for Review Rejected by Hawaii High Court

A Christian bed-and-breakfast owner in Hawaii, who was found by a lower court to have violated anti-discrimination laws by denying a lesbian couple a shared bedroom, has seen her petition for review to the state Supreme Court rejected.

On Wednesday, Lambada Legal, which represented Diane Cervelli and Taeko (Ty) Bufford, the lesbian couple who filed the lawsuit back in 2011, when same-sex marriage was illegal in Hawaii, shared a copy of the order by the Hawaii Supreme Court.

Aloha Bed & Breakfast owner Phyllis Young had appealed a lower court’s decision, arguing that she denied the couple a shared room in her home due to her religious beliefs that marriage is solely between one man and one woman, and unmarried couples shouldn’t share the same bed.

The Intermediate Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s ruling in February, deeming that Young had discriminated against the couple due to their sexual orientation.

At the time, Young argued that same-sex relationships are “detestable” and that they “defile our land.”

Alliance Defending Freedom, the law group that represented Young, has not yet commented on the state Supreme Court’s decision.

On it’s website, ADF says that the case concerns “the freedom to operate a business according to your deeply held beliefs without the fear of being punished by the government,” along with the freedom to run one’s business without endorsing views one disagrees with.

“The house is not sectioned off — guests share living space with Phyllis’ family and are treated like family during their stay. As a result, Phyllis applies the same rules to guests that she would to any family member or guest staying under her roof: only married couples may share a room with one bed, unmarried couples must sleep in different rooms,” ADF explains.

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Source: Christian Post