Here We Go: British Mayor Resigns After Family & Church is Attacked by LGBT Activists Over Biblical Beliefs on Marriage

A pastor and local councilor in Ferryhill, County Durham, the U.K., says he’s been forced to resign from his position as mayor of Ferryhill because LGBT activists have targeted his family and his church with abuse for his conservative views on sexuality and marriage.

Christian Concern said on Wednesday that a free speech rally was scheduled in Ferryhill in support of Richard Smith, the mayor who resigned last week.

Smith says he experienced online abuse by LGBT activists who accused him of homophobia and Islamophobia for various Facebook posts that positioned his support for marriage as a union solely between one man and woman.

“Councillor Smith has posted nothing illegal. He is a pastor of a church and nothing he has said contradicts the teaching of the Bible. An aggressive lobby is determined to distort those views, take them out of context, and ultimately silence and remove anyone who adheres to them,” said Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern.

“Councillor Smith serves as a local pastor and politician, motivated by his faith and love for the people of his community. What kind of system hangs him out to dry?”

Smith, who was elected as mayor of Ferryhill in May, and has been the pastor of Emmanuel Christian Fellowship in Ferryhill since 2003, wrote in a letter that he’s resigning with “deep and profound sadness.”

“Over recent weeks I have been subjected to unprecedented levels of adverse publicity, publicity that has been orchestrated for political advantage, and has threatened both my church, family, and colleagues alike,” the pastor shared.

He revealed that his son, an Afghanistan War veteran who suffers severe PTSD, has also been targeted, which left him with little choice but to resign in order to protect his family.

“It has got so bad I now have involved the police,” he said.

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Source: Christian Post