Christian Ministry Takes Care of Disabled Kenyan Children Abandoned to Die

With disabled children being abandoned and left to be eaten by wild animals by their own parents in Kenya, a Christian ministry has taken them under its care and is stressing that everyone is God’s children.

Margaret Njuguna of En-Gedi, a ministry partner of Set Free Ministries, told Mission Network News that children born with disabilities in the African country are often hidden away, or left to die by their own parents, and eaten by wild animals.

“I just went to the local government offices and I found that many people are reported for leaving their disabled children out to die and hiding them and denying them enough food,” Njuguna said.

She said that she encountered a number of disabled children begging in the cities.

“God led me to children who didn’t talk, who didn’t walk. And most of them would die before anybody knows that there’s a child like that,” she said.

Njuguna previously explained that her work is “rescuing children who are abused, neglected, isolated, and some of these children would be left in the bush so that they either die of natural causes or they’re eaten by wild animals. Others will be tethered behind their parents’ houses. They don’t allow them to be part of the family.”

The missionary said that John 10:16 in the Bible inspires her to care for such children.

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Source: Christian Post