Christian Charity to Print 30,000 New Testaments for Central African Republic Peace-building Campaign

A Catholic charity is planning to print 30,000 copies of the New Testament in a local dialect for the people of the violence-torn Central African Republic, to provide “a way toward conversion of hearts.”

Aid to the Church in Need is spending $56,000 for the printing of the New Testament in the Sango dialect so that the people of this Christian-majority country can have “hope in a seemingly hopeless situation” where clashes between the predominantly Muslim Seleka rebel group and the Christian-dominated Anti-Balaka militia have left numerous people dead, according to Crux Now.

Last month, at least 16 people, including a priest, were killed and 200 others were injured in sectarian violence in Bangui.

The Bible “offers a message of self-sacrificial love,” Edward Clancy, the Catholic group’s director of Outreach, told Crux. “It is on this intimate level that the Bible has impact. It provides a way toward conversion of hearts. A slow tireless campaign of affecting one person at a time, but the change happens.”

While the Church is vulnerable to attacks from both sides, it has protected hundreds of Muslims by allowing them “to have safety within the walls.”

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Source: Christian Post