Baptists in Benin, West Africa, Stirred to Advance the Gospel

In the country that birthed voodoo, Baptists in Benin are working to pray for and support the spread of the Gospel in the Sub-Saharan country.

It’s a story IMB missionary Barbara Singerman can’t share without tearing up.

“They are investing in missions,” she said. “They are expressing a love and appreciation and oneness — participation in the work. We are completely overwhelmed.”

She and her husband Jeff lived in the West African country for 24 years. When they moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), they continued to encourage Beninese Baptists to actively engage in the Great Commission.

Then tragedy struck: A week after a visit to Benin in March 2018, the Singermans both endured severe injuries in the DRC from a horrendous car accident. They had no idea God was using this awful experience to mobilize their brothers and sisters in Benin, a French-speaking country of some 11 million people between Nigeria and Togo.

Friends from Benin presented an astounding love offering for missions to Jeff and Barbara, who wept. Widows gave out of their lack to help their “Beninese brother and sister” who were suffering. Others were upset they hadn’t been able to contribute right after the accident.

“They’re not giving it to us. They’re giving it to God,” Barbara said.

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Source: Baptist Press