White Woman is Arrested for Racially Abusing and Assaulting a 15-Year-Old Black Boy at a Pool Because He “Did Not Belong and Had to Leave”, Then Biting the Cops who Tried to Detain Her

A South Carolina woman was filmed assaulting a black teenager at a pool before biting responding officers when they tried to detain her.

Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, 38, was said to have told a 15-year-old boy and his friends that ‘they did not belong and they had to leave’ a pool in Summerville on Sunday.

According to the teen, as he and his friends proceeded to leave the area in a respectful manner, the woman began using racial slurs and called them ‘punks.’

An officer’s report of the incident then states that the woman hit the boy in the chest and ‘hit him in the face at least twice’ as she followed the group toward the exit.

Video shows the suspect approach the boys and appear to swipe at the camera and the teen.

‘How does that feel,’ she stated before yelling at the teens to ‘Get Out!’

As the teens make their way out of the pool, they can be heard speaking in disbelief.

‘There are three numbers I can dial,’ she asserted. ‘9-1-1.’

The video – shared by a family member of the victim – has been viewed more than 400,000 times since it was first posted.

‘Sebby-Strempel is clearly the aggressor in the assault even going as far as to continue to assault the victim as he was walking away from her,’ the incident report said, according to the Charlotte Observer.

According to Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. Tony Phinney, when deputies attempted to serve an arrest warrant to the woman, she resisted physically.

Sebby-Strempel was said to have pushed a detective into a wall and bit another detective’s arm. Both suffered minor injuries as a result.

The woman was charged with third-degree assault and two counts of assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest.

She is said to be a ‘skincare consultant for Rodan & Fields.

On her Facebook, she can be seen with a man who appears to be her partner and who appears to be in the Navy.

On her Facebook, she can be seen with a man who appears to be her partner and who also appears to be in the Navy

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Matthew Wright