WATCH: Woman’s ‘Inoperable’ Brain Tumor Dissolves as She Fervently Prays, Believes, and Praises

Evelyn has personally experienced the power of prayer and praise (Photo Credit: CBN/EEW Magazine)

One Sunday in 2014, after getting the worst headache of her life, a woman named Evelyn went to the emergency room. After receiving an MRI, she got the bad news: It was a brain tumor.

In an interview with CBN, Evelyn said, the doctor told her, “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. The bad news is there’s a tumor on your brain. The good news is the tumor is not cancerous.’”

Despite it being benign, the tumor was inoperable because it was too close to Evelyn’s optic nerve and could cause her to lose the sight in her right eye and leave her with a lot of brain damage.

Over the next three months, Evelyn went through five rounds of radiation.

To make matters worse, she told CBN, “The whole time that I’m going through this, my husband is dying and I’m taking care of him every day just like nothing’s wrong with me. I felt like ‘God, where are you in all of this? I mean, what’s really going on here? You know I love you, I serve you, and so why is this happening to me?’”

Feeling overwhelmed, Evelyn reached out to loved ones and asked them to be prayer partners.

“I knew that prayer could change things,” she said. “And so I began to recruit people to pray for me and they did.”

Things got worse before they got better and then, something amazing happened.

Watch the full inspirational story below to see how God responded to Evelyn’s faith-filled prayer and praise.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine