SBC President Candidate JD Greear Reveals Most Difficult Questions About God in His Heart

Megachurch Pastor J.D. Greear of Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, delivered a sermon about some of the most difficult questions he has about God in his heart ahead of the Southern Baptist Convention later this week, where he has been nominated for president.

Greear preached on Sunday at Jack Graham’s Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, where he received a glowing endorsement by the latter.

Graham noted that Greear has been highly successful in growing his ministry, taking the Summit Church from a 300 membership to over 10,000 in weekly attendance in multiple locations.

At the same time, it has focused its efforts on missions and sending people to preach the Gospel.

“I don’t know of any other church anywhere that is putting more people on the missions field, and planting churches, like the Summit Church,” Graham said in the introduction.

“He is a leader’s leader. I am hopeful, prayerful, and confident that this week the SBC will elect him as our next president,” he said of Greear.

“I believe he is the man who can take one generation in one hand, and another generation in the other hand, and bring us together in the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Greear, who called Graham a “model and a hero” of his, preached a message from his new book, Not God Enough, explaining that “almost all of our spiritual problems go back to a view of God that is too small.”

He said that many Americans “prefer a God that is small” and easy to understand and explain, but that does not align with the reality of the Bible.

“Only a God that we cannot fully comprehend with our minds is capable of sustaining our faith and igniting our passions,” he said.

With that, he admitted that throughout his life, he has struggled with faith, specifically with questions about God that are difficult to answer.

“I know how to give the seminary answer, the theological answer; but in my soul I didn’t feel like I had a great answer for them,” he admitted.

One of those main questions he pointed to is “why is there so much suffering in the world?”

“I get that God can use some pain for His good purpose, but what possible good purpose could have God had for something like the Holocaust?” Greear asked.

“How does the concept of an eternal Hell align with the view of a loving God? Or if Christianity is true, then why do so few people, relatively speaking, believe in it?” he continued. “Why didn’t God do more to get more people saved?”

The Summit Church leader said that his family has been assisting with providing help for Syrian refugees in the ongoing civil war, and shared a question from his eight-year-old daughter: “If God loves these people, why doesn’t He fix all this?”

The megachurch pastor admitted that it is a “fair question.”

“Why not send an army of angels we’ve heard so much about, why not send them to make the war in Syria end?” he positioned.

Greear said that he “couldn’t reconcile” such things in his heart with a view of a “loving God.”

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Source: Christian Post