Russell Wilson and Ciara Join Venture to Bring MLB to Portland

Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, are the latest to put their names and money on the line to try to bring a baseball team to Portland, Oregon.

Local group Portland Diamond Project, whose mission is to bring Major League Baseball to the city, announced the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and the singer as being new partners.

No financial details were announced, but a source said all partners in the venture split the costs equally for the effort. If MLB were to award the city an expansion franchise, those involved in the project would naturally be the favorites to be owners. It would be more complicated if a current team with an existing owner moved to town.

Wilson is also a partner in a venture to bring the NBA back to Seattle. If either come to fruition, and Wilson is in line to become an owner, the NFL would ultimately have to approve the transaction, to ensure that any other partners would not be offering him extra incentive that could result in tampering.

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SOURCE: ESPN, Darren Rovell