Pro-Life Social Media Campaign Highlights Confessions of Men Who Encouraged Partners to Have an Abortion

A social media campaign from a pro-life organization is highlighting the stories and confessions of several men this week who encouraged their partners to have an abortion, which they say has led to decades of guilt.

Victoria Robinson, director of External Relations at Save the Storks, explained in a statement Tuesday that the #ChooseFatherhood campaign will be releasing one video on social media a day leading up to Father’s Day on June 17.

One video released on Facebook on Tuesday estimates that there are 55 million “forgotten men” in America who “bear the scars of abortion and suffer in silence.”

The five-minute clip features four men, who aren’t named, sharing various thoughts and feelings, with some breaking down in tears.

“I’m the father of five, but only got to raise three of them,” says one man. “The first two didn’t do anything wrong … I didn’t want to raise them. They didn’t have a chance because they were both aborted.”

Another explains that when he and his partner made a decision to abort their child, they were “too young, and there were other things we wanted to do.”

He recalls watching the abortion procedure, saying, “I remember the whir of the motor and seeing these tubes that were being filled with red and white and the sound of suction.”

A third man says when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant, “I was strongly encouraging her not to keep the baby … I was adamant about it.” After the abortion, he says “the weight of guilt was just so overwhelming for me.”

A fourth man describes how “depression set in” for both him and his girlfriend. “It didn’t just mess me up, it messed her up as well, mentally, emotionally. We both started drinking heavily which we didnt’ do much of at all. We both started using drugs which we never did at all.”

After the abortions, the father of three says in the evenings he would begin to cry, thinking about what was lost.

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Source: Christian Post